Pedal Powered Workstation

Pedal Powered Workstation

Innovative desk equipped with bicycle technology generates electricity and helps people stay in shape.

Human powered workstation designed by Pedal Power will charge your phone and power your computer.

Pedal powered machines can also drive water pumps, air compressors, and small kitchen appliances.

Human Powered Workstation

Pedal Power

Pedal Powered

Bicycle Table

Bicycle Desk

Bicycle Workstation

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  1. Falcy

    I would love to have that!!!

  2. Barrie Hall

    Try typing while peddling.

  3. Lee

    so now we go from hipsters that never wash their bluejeans to sweaty hipsters with BO in the office… and unwashed jeans.

  4. Pat

    Put that in your cubicle and you will truly feel like a caged hamster with his wheel.

  5. Mao

    Very fabulous machine dual for workstation and physical fit..

  6. dave

    Don’t know about typing while peddling, but typing while pedaling could be a little challenging, at first.

  7. mamta

    where can we buy this? how much will it cost?

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