Incredible LEGO Creations

Incredible LEGO Creations

Collection of incredible creations made from regular LEGO bricks.

LEGO Mario

Mario created using a NextEngine 3D scanner and LEGO bricks.

LEGO Mario

LEGO Casablanca

Movie scenes from Casablanca created with LEGO.

LEGO Casablanca

LEGO Yankee Stadium

Sean Kenney decide to rebuild the house that Ruth built.

LEGO Yankee Stadium

LEGO Yankee Stadium 2

LEGO Cigarette

LEGO addiction is real!

LEGO Cigarette

LEGO Famous Architecture

Famous buildings built entirely with LEGO blocks.

LEGO Famous Architecture

LEGO Famous Architecture 2

LEGO Famous Architecture 4

LEGO Famous Architecture 6

LEGO Famous Architecture 8

LEGO Famous Architecture 9

LEGO Famous Architecture 10

LEGO Sushi

Sushi created from LEGO bricks.

LEGO Sushi

LEGO Classic Video Games

A library of combining LEGO and video games.

LEGO Duck Hunt

LEGO Duck Hunt

LEGO Duck Hunt 2

LEGO Contra

LEGO Contra

LEGO Mortal Kombat

LEGO Mortal Kombat

LEGO Excitebike

LEGO Excitebike

LEGO Bionic Commando

LEGO Bionic Commando

LEGO Aircraft Carrier

It’s a 200,000-brick, 350-pound aircraft carrier by Harry S Truman, complete with electrical lights as well as moving elevators and radar dishes.

LEGO Aircraft Carrier

LEGO Aircraft Carrier 2

Classics in LEGO

A reconstruction of the famous photograph taken by Charles Ebbets.

LEGO Lunch Atop a Skyscraper

A LEGO recreation of Jeff Widener’s 1989 photograph of “The unknown rebel”.

LEGO Tiananmen Square

Tallest LEGO Tower in Vienna

The tower, constructed by hundreds of children outside the city hall, entered the Guinness Book of Records measuring 29.48m.

Tallest LEGO Tower in Vienna

LEGO Guitar

Awesome guitar constructed entirely out of Lego pieces. The guitar is playable but had to be re-tuned after a few chops.

LEGO Guitar

Collection of Incredible LEGO Art

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  1. Time Tracker

    I wonder why the guitar builders chose to use actual 6 strings as opposed to modding a guitar hero controller into it. Either way…pretty cool stuff.

  2. yomi sopein

    Hi Fellas

    Those lego works remind me of my kid days when we use lego to create! lego works has gone weird and more flexible to.

  3. summer


  4. KottonQueen


  5. Dan J 23

    You forgot the Camelot video!
    Best LEGO creation I have ever seen.
    I want that guitar.
    Imagine smashing that on stage, be a bitch finding the pieces.

  6. mavey j simpson

    wow that was amazing, it has just made my day!!!

  7. Transguide

    The guitar is good, lego as well as music will rescue the world…

  8. Eduardo

    I love Lego!! it’s awesome what they can create with those small pieces!!!

  9. Misins

    great,now when will someone create a lego transformer?

  10. Nuchka

    Moscow!! Woo!

    These are pretty cool

  11. Travis

    that is so cool with the aircraft carrer and everytthing like that. it is so cool

    i want the guitar

  12. kyle

    i love lego espiecial the aircraft carrer from kyle

  13. oscar

    lego land is nothing compare to this

  14. Scirocco

    The guitar is good, lego as well as music will rescue the world…

  15. Ellen

    That is so cool!!!!

  16. Joshua

    I LOVE these!

  17. Whaam1

    great blog, the guy who made the robot lego has made a transformer out of lego.

  18. Jani

    Just one word for them “Awesome”.

  19. Legoman 101

    Im new to the internet,.
    I have lots of legos too, perhaps even some bada– models Ive concockted on my own but no photos yet cuz no good camera,… BUT…, when I do, IT IS ON!

  20. lirik

    wow.. that is so cool.

  21. van

    piece by pain-staking piece!

  22. arman

    OH MY GOSH. does the aircraft carrier float on water??? AWESOME

  23. jaquan

    wow does that ship really float on water

  24. Julie

    ive got the sudden urge to go buy lego now !

  25. Amy

    @ Time Tracker –

    1) If you have to ask that question, you’ll never understand
    2) To put it into terms you’ll understand real guitar > Guitar Hero (by far)
    3) Unlike Guitar Hero, a real guitar will never be in jeopardy of Activision discontinuing it

  26. sam


  27. andrew

    awsome gun

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