Unique and Creative Table Designs

Unique and Creative Table Designs

Collection of unique and creative table designs from around the world.

Orange Slice Table

Creative Table in the form of an orange slice.

Orange Slice Table

The Periodic Coffee Table

A visually stunning presentation of the periodic table suitable for reception areas, board rooms or wherever scientists meet and works of art might be displayed. Each element sample is individually embedded inside a solid acrylic block. The blocks are arranged in the familiar grid of the periodic table, carefully illuminated and beautifully presented beneath a sheet of toughened glass. The coffee table itself is manufactured by British Craftsmen in burred oak.

The Periodic Coffee Table

The Periodic Coffee Table 3

Jet Coffee Table

A4 Paper Plane scaled up to coffee table proportions.

Jet Coffee Table

Greca Table

Lacquered wood structure with chrome metal insert.

Greca Table

Endless Nile Table

Creative table designed by Karim Rashid.

Endless Nile Table

Tongue Coffee Table

Tongue table in polyurethane in peacock blue by Louis Durot.

Tongue Coffee Table

Reform Bedworks Laptop Table

Designed for those who want a hard surface while working on the floor or in bed, the Bedworks Laptop Platform houses a storage compartment for gadgets, papers and magazines.

Reform Bedworks Laptop Table

SwiTCh Table

SwiTCh is a new concept in design. It is a chair and a table, a relaxing seat and a small working place in one. It switches instantly and effortlessly.

SwiTCh Table 2

Cirrus Table

Beautiful table design by Stuart Melrose.

Cirrus Table 2

Creative Tables by Reiss f.d.

All tables in this collection utilize the technique of bending thin layers of wood veneer into a desired shape.  A method which yields 8-10 times more usable wood from a log than solid timber.

Creative Tables by Reiss f.d.

Creative Tables by Reiss f.d. 2

Creative Tables by Reiss f.d. 3

Creative Tables by Reiss f.d. 4

Flintstone Table

Low table on wheels. Frame and top in bent natural sheet steel.

Flintstone Table

Breathing Light Tables

Tables that react to sounds in their environment and to each other through the “breathing” of LED lights.

Breathing Light Tables

Breathing Light Tables 2

Love Me Table

Paint or Die but Love Me Table by John Nouanesing.

Paint or Die but Love Me Table

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  1. Jakob Montrasio

    The MILK table is also very nice:

  2. Alexius G

    All of these table designs are really, really creative and inventive!
    Personally I’m completely in love with the giant paperplane table!! That’s followed in close second by the red, paint-dripping table =)

  3. JiffWoods

    Wow, that is some of the coolest furniture I have ever seen!


  4. reyn

    orange slice design is so nice!!

    i like it!!!

    very unique!!!!

  5. TElevision Spy

    The blood drip one is really cool.

  6. agus

    nice collection. thanks for posting :)

  7. Vu N

    Fifth table is really cool! :)

  8. TV Guide

    The tongue table was just fantastic.

  9. Resistance

    The “Love me” table is pretty far out.

  10. Angrezy

    cool collection.

  11. jakeukalane

    all the tables are fantastic, but the red table is the best.


  12. churekie

    OMG! really cool!

  13. Tracy

    they are all soo cool!

  14. Yousef

    so nice

  15. kanika singh

    hey it’s really very cool i liked it very much

  16. mehrdad

    these are so beautiful

  17. mahen

    very good

  18. thibel

    i looovee the red one!! how is it even standing up?!?

  19. AndyC.

    Jet Coffee Table is fabulous.

  20. irena

    duuuude i want the love me table!!! omg =]] thats so hot

  21. hamouda

    so beautifful

  22. Uomo

    Love the versace table.!!!

  23. Imperfect

    the periodic table one would be great for memorizing chemistry formulas before a upcoming test!!

  24. keney

    your table make me get the news inspiration.. thanks that give me way to through my live..

  25. solomon

    wow the red paint table is crazy man i love it.

  26. izta

    i love the orange table! >,<

  27. Jennifer

    I want that tongue table!

  28. Jennifer

    .. I mean the endless Niles one :) tripppyyyyyy

  29. stephanie

    HOW do I buy a love me table?! I want it!!

  30. paige

    i love th orage and the periodic table one too :D

  31. jade

    orange table is very very good idea

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