Unusual and Creative Calendar Designs

Unusual and Creative Calendar Designs

The year is almost over and it is time to get a new calendar. This post features our favorite examples of unusual and creative calendar designs.

2009 Bubble Calendar

A poster-sized calendar with a bubble to pop every day.

2009 Bubble Calendar 2

2009 Napkins Calendar

Creative calendar by Russian designer Stas Aki.

2009 Napkins Calendar

2009 Napkins Calendar 2

2009 Napkins Calendar 3

2009 Nava International Wall Calendar

Designed by Ornella Noorda, this calendar provides information in five different languages.

2009 Nava International Wall Calendar

2009 Nava International Wall Calendar 2

2009 Nava International Wall Calendar 3

108Time Box Calendar

The 108Time Box calendar lasts for 9 years.

108Time Box Calendar

20 Years Warranty Calendar

Schott Solar produces solar panels with 20 years warranty. In order to present the brand Schott Solar in a distinctive and meaningful way, he created a 20 year calendar, which sticks out of the wall more than 60 centimeters.

20 Years Warranty Calendar

20 Years Warranty Calendar 2

Stendig 2009 Calendar

The Stendig calendar was designed in 1966 and is a classic. It graces the walls of architects and designers the world over, over forty years after it was designed, and these people know what looks good.

Stendig 2009 Calendar

Stendig 2009 Calendar 2

Justgonesix 2009 Calendars

All of their calendars are A1 size and hand screened at studio luma on GF Smith 175gsm Colorplan.

– Radius 2009 Calendar

Radius 2009 Calendar

– Storno 2009 Calendar

Storno 2009 Calendar

– Roman 2009 Calendar

Roman 2009 Calendar

LEGO Desktop Calendar

Creative LEGO inspired desktop calendar.

LEGO Desktop Calendar

Matches Calendar

Unusual calendar made of matches by Yurko Gutsulyak.

Matches Calendar

Matches Calendar 2

Seeing Eye Calendar

Forget near and far, the time has come to be now-sighted. Sundays are red, the rest are black – a minor detail. Test your vision but keep in mind these days are numbered.

Seeing Eye Calendar

“Dorogaya” Magnetic Calendar

Easily customized magnetic calendar with, even, 32nd day of month just in case. Month’s names abbreviated to 3 letters. Chips can be placed one over another. Special appeal of this calendar is special chips, like “Deadline”, “Arrival”, “Departure”, five “Drink Day” and one “Don’t Drink Day”.

Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar

Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar 2

Dorogaya Magnetic Calendar 3

Living Calendar

This calendar has the ability to show weeks, months, holidays, and time. A large hand shows the current date (and month too) and a little hand shows the current day of week (and current hour).

Living Calendar

Living Calendar 2

Living Calendar 3

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  1. Honour Chick

    very creative :)

  2. gary

    I don’t have time to look at all these calendar designs…

  3. Gary Quinn

    Gotta love the fridge magnet one, fantastic…

  4. costas

    Great collection!!!



  5. sohini

    i want i want! the napkin one or the dorogaya magnetic one!!!

  6. click

    Thanks for the collection.

  7. NoRez

    Some interesting designs, but I just never understood a calendar that you can’t write things on.

  8. debanshu

    mind-freeze – what a kick ass idea on the bubble wrap one.
    I wish that I could get that somewhere in India :)
    happy new year everyone

  9. nanimo

    matches calender – it’s like ‘burn your day’

  10. shivanand

    Great very interesting

  11. mbreti3gut

    cool, but Living Calendar is the best

  12. Brazilian Master

    The Seeing Eye Calendar is incrible!
    Who made this have a big creativity!
    realy nice!

  13. eM

    superb…. cool…. colln

  14. thibel

    i love the bubble popping one!

  15. mohummad omar masood

    absolutely marvelous work showing ebblunt creative instincts ,passion to see the maters in absolute 360 degree, its really a true arrousal….!

  16. mushashi

    I LOVE THE Matches Calendar!!! COOL AND USEFULL…

  17. Ruby

    The magnet calendar is the best for me lol!!! The bubble wrap would be great for kids and kids at heart!

  18. taral

    thnx 4 these unique designs….
    very very creative…..
    i luv all d designs….

  19. candy

    not so sure how the new wave one works. but i jus loved the creativity.

  20. ChEeSe

    i liked the 20 years calender and that baby was super cute^_^

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