Literal Movie Posters

Literal Movie Posters

Alternative movie posters designed by talented Indian artist Danish Ahmed feature literal representations of movie titles.

Clever illustrations only focus on the title and completely ignore the actors, the setting, and the plot of the actual movie.

Man of Steel

Danish Ahmed


Simple Movie Poster

The Grey

Simple Movie Posters


Minimal Movie Poster


Indian illustrator Danish Ahmed

A Good Day to Die Hard

Indian artist Danish Ahmed


Movie Posters by Danish Ahmed

Source Code

Movie Poster by Danish Ahmed


Minimalist Movie Posters

After Earth

Artist Danish Ahmed

Saw 3D

Literal Movie Posters by Danish Ahmed

This Means War

Minimalist Movie Poster


Illustrator Danish Ahmed

Life of Pi

Minimal Movie Posters

The Wolf of Wall Street

Literal Movie Poster

This is The End

Literal Movie Poster by Danish Ahmed

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  1. Niyari

    Actually laughed at some of these, instead of just blowing more air out of my nose than usual.

  2. Sepehr

    This Means War :)) damn

  3. MMI


  4. Gert

    Saw was so dumb it was hilarious.

  5. Habub

    Salt and Source Code are the best ones :)

  6. shandya

    I totally laughed at Transformers :))

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