Web Design Sketchbook

Web Design Sketchbook

Cool sketchbook for designing websites and web apps from Hyper Interaktiv.

Web Design Sketchbook from Hyper Interaktiv 2

Web Design Sketchbook from Hyper Interaktiv 3

Web Design Sketchbook from Hyper Interaktiv 4

Web Design Sketchbook from Hyper Interaktiv 5

Web Design Sketchbook from Hyper Interaktiv 6

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  1. eleete

    I see a lawsuit coming.

  2. Ben

    that’s great…. where do i buy it?

  3. jacqi


  4. Ts


  5. Matthew

    WOW!, that’s fantastic!



  6. dean

    doing it wrong.

  7. Kris

    I second that, where can one be purchased, these are sweet

  8. Michael Flessas


  9. 아크몬드

    wow.. great.

  10. Mike Riley

    I was pretty excited when I first saw this, thinking it was some kind of neat little touchscreen / stylus pad for graphic design. Guess that’s a little while out still :(

    Neat concept though.

  11. Angela Wilson

    I was hoping this was interactive. Like this concept, though. Definitely helps you get into the right mindset. I’m revamping my Web site. Maybe I should try it out.

  12. Tony

    where can i get one!!?!?!?!

  13. robzilla

    LOL, how cute is it that the webheads who want this don’t know how to take a screen shot, spend 5 minutes in photoshop, and drive to a kinkos/copyshop?

    I find the concept interesting however

  14. frank katzer

    good idea!
    is there also a version with windows screens?
    ups… did i say that…

  15. Desarrollo web

    Very creative!!!

  16. OMG

    Oh, my God! They invented paper! In the XXI century!

    “Web designers” around here are a bit impressionable. Come on, people, that’s just a paper notebook!

  17. Netaiko

    Hey, I want to buy one too, hahaa

  18. vim

    Good idea :)

  19. Philip Dhingra

    I used to print out blank browsers and sketch on them when I was into web design.

    I’d say this would sell.

  20. Television SPY

    I doubt Apple would sue, worst case scenario just change the browser to something more generic – like Firefox (they’d love the attention).

    But you could create this for less then they what they’d charge, just print out a browser set to about:blank then photocopy and staple (or if you want something nice, just bind it). Total cost would be less then $5.

    Personally I’d just do it on my computer with a mockup in photoshop or paint, then proceed to go about it.

  21. Davey Smith

    Eleete, you sound like a cock. As the joker said in the Dark Knight.. Why so serious?

  22. Timothy

    Really great idea! I’d buy one. Wonder if they come in different OSs / Distros… Hmmm…

  23. Mark

    One of the biggest benefits of the web is the potential for less reliance on traditional, destructive commodities like paper. What about agile electronic design?

    Figure what you need on a page by quickly coding a static mock up then build and refine the presentation.

  24. jonny


  25. Kate

    Same with Philip Dhingra, print out blank browsers and sketch on them. Making it a product like above is good idea.

  26. Chad

  27. Aronil

    That is pretty neat… can they make on base on firefox or google chrome instead?

  28. Garciat


  29. Joris

    Nice, and easy to make for yourself! I think that’s a cheaper option :)

  30. mani


    realy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

  31. Richard Andersson

    Exciting. I have thought about something like this for like 5 years now. Using blank papers always throws me of somehow. But this is indeed a good idea.

    Keep it up!

  32. alizee

    That is pretty neat… can they make on base on firefox or google chrome instead??

  33. alizee

    Eleete, you sound like a cock. As the joker said in the Dark Knight.. Why so serious??

  34. rettlo


    realy niceeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!

  35. wow

    how to buy it?

  36. Phoat

    This sucks.. the pages have no grid on them.. I want a version with the 960.gs grid on it.

  37. mdrisser

    Great idea to ‘get your head in the game’. I have to laugh though, so many people asking if it can be done this way or that way. It’s pretty simple, make your own, customize it the way you want it.

  38. Witty_Designer

    The browser in the sketch book looks like a cross breed between Firefox and Safari.

  39. Toner

    More like Safari.

  40. Simon Bowler

    I want one of those!!!!

  41. Cele T.

    I thought this was an interesting sketchbook, at first I just thought it was a regular one untill I found out it’s one where you use it to help you sketch website designs. Clever!

  42. benivolent

    very great ,very nice

  43. Katy TX

    One side of me says this is a stupid idea that is a waste of money. The other side of me says I WANT ONE because that would be soooooo cool.

    Great concept. For a low price these would sell. Easily made but I like the cover on this one.

  44. Marcell

    Yeah I would just use a normal sheet of paper and be happy with myself :)

  45. Sturm

    I want it. :) very good

  46. playamade

    hey whatst he difference between that and normal notebook paper.

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