Street Art Notebook

Street Art Notebook

Creative sketchbook designed by Sherwood Forlee features photos of “clean” New York walls instead of blank pages.

Walls notebook allows you to draw on these inspirational backdrops. You can now become the street artist that you always wanted to be. [order]

New York Walls Notebook

New York Walls Sketchbook


Wall Sketchbook


Walls Sketchbook

Walls Notebook

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  1. hesam

    nice :)

  2. warka

    Nice design , and a good way to give idea !

  3. Kid

    Just awesome.

  4. Midet

    Love it.

  5. AJ

    Love the orgo on the third pic down from the top ;)

  6. po

    Love it, they can use other photos like skies or some landscapes giving people the chance to create new ideas ;)

  7. Heather

    It’s called “Street Art Notebook” not landscapes. This is a great idea, saw something similar to this at a bookstore once and fell in love.

  8. kareem

    this is pretty kickass.

  9. winn taylor

    That is really cool!

  10. chedie

    Nice! I’m loving it! :D

  11. ran

    very creative….love it

  12. Senjugudin

    I just love the concept of this sketchbook…

  13. Nisa Zul


  14. MMM

    I need one!

  15. atef

    like it

  16. Nurul O


  17. Naimmah

    where can i get this? cool!

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