Pillow Blanket

Pillow Blanket

Innovative blanket designed by Joon and Jung is made out of soft pillows.

Connected pillows form a large pillow blanket that will keep you warm.

Blanket cover is removable for easy washing. Pillows can be replaced.

Wrap yourself in a blanket made of pillows and take a comfortable nap!

Blanket Made of Pillows

Modern Blanket

Joon and Jung

Pillows Blanket

Blanket Made out of Pillows

Comfortable Blanket

Innovative Blanket

Creative Blanket

Pillow Blanket by Joon and Jung

Soft Blanket

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  1. Elphi

    Why didn’t I think of this before?! Beautiful idea!

  2. Matt

    Love the look of this, so comfy! although I reckon I’d break it in minutes

  3. Ghi

    OMG, washing it and reassembling it would be a nightmare! Although it is pretty neat

  4. Douglas

    She needs the sleep after all that work.

  5. Alex

    In a world…

    …where duvets didn’t exist…

    …many pillows…

    …one desire.

  6. Gert

    Yah it’s called a down comforter… look into it. lol

  7. Pete

    My kids would love this. They’re always piling their pillows on the floor to play in them.

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