10 Cool Beverage Drinking Gadgets

10 Cool Beverage Drinking Gadgets

Collection of useful drinking gadgets and creative inventions that promise to make our lives easier and more enjoyable.

Bottle Top

Bottle tops turn your can into a spill-proof bottle. Just snap onto the top and enjoy your favorite beverage without spills. [buy]

Bottle Top

Roll ‘n Pour

Rocking beverage server helps you pour beverages from bulky and heavy bottles without spills or dropping the bottle. [buy]

Roll n Pour

Liquor Lock

Keep the “unwanted customers” from running your bar dry. [buy]

Liquor Lock

Master Opener

In addition to opening regular cans, this cool Master Opener can break vacuum seals, open pull tabs, twist off screw tops, and crack open soda and beer bottles.

Auto Safety Master Opener

Draft Beer Faucet

Traditional uses include draft beer systems like kegerators, however the creative folks at the Food Network prefer to use it to turn watermelons into cocktail kegs.

Draft Beer Faucet

Binocular Flask

On the outside it appears to be a regular pair of binoculars, but is in fact a flask in sheep’s clothing. Each eye piece opens to provide access to a separate compartment. [buy]

Binocular Flask

Bottle Clip

Creative bottle holder that simply snaps onto any standard sized mens bicycle. Most bottles can be screwed directly into the clip. [more]

Bottle Clip

U Fizz

Tired of Coca-Cola and Pepsi? Thanks to the miracles of home carbonation, now you can turn anything you want into a fizzy lifting drink.

U Fizz

Aqua Jar

Cool plastic bottle decanter designed by GR Lab from Barcelona.

Aqua Jar

Bottle Jar

Lemon Squeezer

With a simple twist, Rosendahl’s Lemon Squeezer easily and beautifully serves juice directly from the fruit. [buy]

Lemon Squeezer

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  1. Reilly


  2. unDave

    Pure creativity ppl! Pure imagination! It is awesome how a simple idea can get you on the map!

    -by unDave™

  3. Mélanie

    lol It’s really funny ! I Like the “Licor lock”… many ideas for a party…

  4. Mika

    I don’t think I would have enough room in my kitchen to house the Roll ‘n Pour

  5. cahpamulang

    Wah kreatif

  6. Sudeep

    I’d be willing to buy each one! Awesome. :)

  7. Hillie

    I love the melon tap! I wonder if everything works!

  8. Den

    These are creative! Nice post!

  9. Kidlazy

    I love the binocular flask!!!!ill get one and take it outside with me!

  10. marukirikilla

    sneaky binoculars FTW! Mom, Mom, im going with my boyscout friends to explore the forest O=)<

  11. ununDave

    Amazing! Splendiferous! I love commenting!

    -by ununDave™

  12. itsbrandnew

    very cool! But the one w/ the pop was awefully senseless, POOR IT IN A GLASS OR DRINK STRAIGHT FROM THE CAN!!!!1

  13. Karin Stewart

    Ah, designer’s minds have been working overtime again. Some of these are a great laugh, others quite useful!

  14. Julie

    These are really awesome :D They’re so well thought out some of them. I really hope the watermelon one works although I’m not convinced it comes out quite as seedless as the glasses seem to be :P

  15. guy

    This is what toxel is all about. All of them are genius.

  16. FoxyBoxers

    most of them are great but anything with a “as seen on TV!” sticker isnt worth buying.

  17. Jim Jones

    Some of these gadgets are great for traveling.

  18. Casey

    I like the idea of Rock ‘n Pour but not one that’s bigger than my kitchen countertop.

  19. Kara

    master opener is totally functional

  20. Ali

    haha i like the binocular flask its interesting

  21. zenidine zidane

    no way those inventions are real! i promise!

  22. Rob

    Very cool! I might buy one of these. Maybe….

  23. Liz

    that’s cool! i might use them eventually…

  24. Grace

    The Liquor Lock could come in handy until you get to wasted to remember the combination.

  25. Dillan

    Liquor lock hahaha. These were so entertaining

  26. charles

    Great List and the liquor lock is a great way to keep the teenagers in a house out of the stash

  27. Dent

    But Grace, isn’t that the point? It makes you drink responsibly!

    ~Arthur Dent

  28. manbuchacha

    Acqua Jar???????

    For the love of all that is botteled, why?

  29. GManiac

    Terrific… The Binocullar Decanter takes the Cake!!

  30. nageheltawaty

    I’d be willing to buy each one! Awesome. :)

  31. seema

    good imagination and creative thinking

  32. Daniel

    The melon tap will work but you have to “tank” the Melon full o booze cut a whole in the top and insert a bottle Upside Down if you do it right should come out looking just a little messier, I used a p.v.c pipe with a ball valve on the end, and lots and lots of liquor! but that is NICE and may give you a reason to eat more Melon

  33. tbone1283

    I love these cool gadgets and I would buy them:)

  34. mrivera

    I really like gadgets

  35. 6greatgranma

    some great ideas

  36. Grumpy from the UK

    Some items good most a waste of space

  37. PopCultureMaiden

    I seriously need to get the liquor lock. My roommates are drinking me dry, and I’m trying to practice mixing and bartending. Although, I’m sure they’d try to come up with creative ways to get around it. :p

  38. Yah Boy

    yo dis is so useless. why do u need a bottle top for a can? u can just drink it normally. why do u need a rocker to pour juice?

  39. Alyssa

    Those are all AWESOME!!! and the best one is either the watermelon for a drink container and the other one is the liquor lock!!! those are the best one’s of ALL!!!

  40. Rose

    I love the bottle top! I dont buy cans for the simple reason that I dont finish them and I can’t put a lid on and put it in my bag or something. The bottle top would come in very useful. Maybe they could sell them at takeaway outlets that sell canned soft drink.

  41. mattm

    i like the liquer lock

  42. James Anzalone

    I have the lemon swirl, and I love that simple bottle clip for the bike. the liquor lock is neat too :P

  43. Sainspop

    Cool stuff, people are creative. Make something to solve problems.

  44. Daniel

    Cool stuff, some are for lazy people but quite a few of these gadgets are very good and I would want to have them xD

  45. Raven Garland

    These devices are cool. I want the roll and pour.

  46. Janani

    Loved the ideas!! Pure creativity!! :) :)

  47. Stile

    The lemon squeezer is a novel idea. I wonder how well it really works….

  48. phil

    Where do you get these things????????

  49. pedofantastico

    were can i find these fascinating gizmos?

  50. ノートパソコン比較

    It took me quite some time to understand the use of “Roll ‘n Pour”. In Japan the biggest box of orange juice you can buy has 1 liter (33 oz). Why do you have such big orange juice boxes, it must be pretty annoying to lift them?

  51. Reklambyrå Stockholm

    Some crazy drinking gadgets here! Love it!

  52. Julia

    Loved these…. I tried to order a u-fizz because I hardly ever finish my soda and it goes all flat, but they were sold out…. also, I wanted to be able to make cranberry soda :)

  53. Ant D

    who would buy any of this, besides the binocular flask

  54. Amanda

    Aqua Jar?!
    It’s be so much easier to just pour straight from the bottle!

  55. hb

    wow! cool gadgets!

  56. Victoria

    I’ve seen the bottle lock somewhere before, i think it was at this pharmacy.
    Really cool idea, i have had always wanted one like that especially when i still haven’t finished my coke and would like to save it later of the day.

  57. Dave

    Funky melon design!!!!!!!!!

  58. Chris

    the liquor lock is what my dad needs :O

  59. green

    Haha awesome stuff! Except the plastic bottle pitcher…why waste plastic and pay much, much more for water [that is less regulated] when one can use a classic pitcher and some cool tap water with ice? Otherwise very innovative!

  60. Matt

    The bottle top doesnt have any system to vent the air so the flow of liquid would come out in bursts instead of evenly through the can opening

  61. alric

    layy bhari

  62. Yo

    I have the bottle tops.

  63. vishal

    i love drink gadgets.

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