Jeep Camping Tent

Jeep Camping Tent

Basecamp trailer expands into a large camping tent that allows Jeep owners to go on fun off-road adventures with their entire family.

Camping Tent trailer for Jeep cars designed by Freespirit Recreation.

Jeep Camping

Jeep Camping Tent Trailer

Jeep Tent Trailer

Jeep Trailer

Freespirit Recreation

Jeep Tent

Jeep Camping Trailer

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  1. Chari

    Cool new take on the pop-up camper!

  2. POM

    Taint bear-proof.
    I’d throw my stuff in the trailer and sleep in the jeep. At least it would be harder for a bear to in.

  3. John

    Does it work with other vehicles, too? Or does it only work with Jeeps?

  4. Swiper Fox

    Not a new design.

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