Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia

Beautiful Moon Photography

Back in 2005, two Russian artists, Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov, created their own “Private Moon” and used it to take these breathtaking photographs.

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 3

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 4

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 5

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 6

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 7

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 8

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 9

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 10

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia 11

Photographers later did the same experiment with a giant star:

Beautiful Star Photography from Russia

Beautiful Star Photography from Russia 2

Beautiful Star Photography from Russia 3

Beautiful Star Photography from Russia 4

Beautiful Moon Photography from Russia

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  1. Alexius G

    this is really cool! i’d love to experiment with something like this with my photography

  2. Po0Ya

    Nice work!
    Especially the First one..

  3. Kid C

    Cool, definitely. I like it.

    Second to last is my favourite. Think there was greater potential than some of those executions, however.


    Very nice!!!!!

  5. Jorge

    Very nice work!

  6. dv

    stars supposed to have 5 ends, not 6. unless you’re jewish. russia is not israel. 5 ends!

  7. Honour Chick

    awesome :)

  8. K. Omari

    I likey

  9. dvl

    dv: the “6 end” star you refer to is still a star. The Star of David IIRC.

  10. John Jones

    Wow dude that is crazy


  11. Darthsader

    In soviet Russia, Moon lands on you

  12. marleyinoc

    is moons and stars in unusual places. ok


    LMAO at the “In soviet Russia, Moon lands on you” comment. Good series, at first I thought it was an actual image of a moon. Damn it, fooled again, but it wouldn’t make much sense anyways. Then again, that’s why I clicked.

  14. callmevil

    3rd from the last.. i love the contrast!!

  15. Justine

    Breathtaking photos!

  16. bungandy

    really2 love it…!!
    go Leonid Tishkov and Boris Bendikov !!

  17. zen

    nicely shots yup pretty amazing

  18. avanzaweb

    Nice pictures

  19. Rez.

    Wow. This Is Beautiful. I Love Photography And This Just Make Me Want To Be A Little More Creative Towards My Work. These Photographs Are Amazing I Love The Moon.

  20. SplishSplash

    Great Idea! Really Inspirational…

  21. grace

    Wow! It’s so beutiful! Especially i love the first & sencond pictures!!

  22. Meredith Combs


  23. kizuchimo


  24. Daley Aker

    Very nice photography…clever idea…

    Looked thru star catalog… couldn’t find any stars with points at all… Most are round and gassy…

  25. yangtze

    very nice,I like!

  26. millie

    the work is exelent!!! the stars looks better with six ends… and looks even better if they are jewish.

  27. Alex S

    This is brilliant.It’s much more than a still image.I can feel the concept with every cells of my body.Big Congrats.

  28. ezcruz

    I imagine a man chopping down a tree to steal a moon from it’s branches…every picture has it’s own wonderful story

  29. catnapping

    The moon and stars…symbols of faith. Nice.

  30. c.x.y

    the light of moon in the photograph is nice,i like it!

  31. Charito Joy


  32. Julie M.

    Shine on dudes!

  33. fico

    que cosa mas bonita !!! wonderful!!!

  34. Will

    O’m just wondering how exactly they made the moon and star. I’m assuming this isn’t ‘shopped art. However even if it is it’s still beatiful.

  35. Muhsin

    Good Job !!

  36. grunner

    Very nice idea, and wonderful work!

  37. Chaz

    That is the most amazing use of simple shapes I have ever seen.

  38. carlos

    Technically that six pointed star is not a Mogen David. You should be able to follow a straight line from one point to a point across from it. Basically it is two equilateral triangle stacked together. If you look at this star you can follow a straight line to the midpoint between two points but there’s a slight angle to continue to the opposing point.

    Personally, if it were a Mogen David I’d probably think it was cooler (and I’m not a Jew or of Jewish ancestry – as far as I know).

  39. carlos

    Oh, and it seems odd to me in the rowboat (second image) that the guy weighs more than the moon…. even if it isn’t fulll…..

  40. Nancie

    How did you get the moon to light up? Did you use LED lights or what? I want one!!! How much?????

  41. bere

    those images are now encripted in mi mind, serious moments that shared this too… shaped blues -.-

  42. sir jorge

    i’ll never forget these.

  43. TwistedSifter

    Simply Illuminating!

  44. jeanpaul

    cool photos
    and wonderful work!

    Thank you

  45. andrea daquino

    this is exceptional work, thank you.

  46. Jens

    Wow, thats cool, I like it.

  47. Swapna

    No word to Express!!!!!

  48. Anne-Cathrine

    Gorgeous. I Love Selene

  49. ZUBAIR

    my daughters crazy for moon (chanda mama in hindi)she loved every photo.

  50. Kawen-chan

    Those are amazing.
    I especially love the first and second one.
    Awesome work!

  51. coolster

    it was interesting

  52. Sarah

    These are marvellous! My favourites are “Sleeping with the Moon” and “Apples for the Moon”. “Bringing the Moon on a Sleigh” is also just wonderful. Would love to have these as prints for a little girl’s room!

  53. Michael Neblock

    wonder how they constructed the lights

  54. Jina

    The world has two things

    The moon and I

  55. Sammi


  56. Tia

    SO UNIK…….!

  57. hassan

    that is what we call the power of God/Allah

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