Galaxy Bed Sheets

Galaxy Bed Sheets

Eye-catching bed sheets designed by Jail Betray feature beautiful photos of stars, galaxies, nebulas, planets, and moons.

Galaxy bedding created for the fans of space, cosmos, and astronomy.

High resolution images are digitally printed on satin bed sheets. [order]

Cosmos Bed Sheets

Cosmic Bed Sheets

Astronomy Bed Sheets

Jail Betray

Stars Bed Sheets

Solar System Bed Sheets

Space Bed Sheets

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  1. beck

    can I have now plz thank you

  2. Timothy R.

    Woah ! Just Woah ! I totally need these.

  3. eyal

    168 $ – a little too expensive !

  4. Gert

    Totally want these now :D The purple ones would match my room.

  5. stan

    Great! Now the stains are harder to see! ‘Oh no, that’s just a comet!’

  6. Mark

    I want one with the apollo command module on it. Maybe a pillow with the command module on it or shaped like it and the other pillow with the lunar lander! LOL

  7. soly

    oh nooooo.
    so creative

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