Baby Saddle


Innovative shoulder seat allows parents to safely transport their children and frees up their hands.

SaddleBaby made out of high quality materials will hold your child’s ankles with adjustable buckles and fasteners.

Baby carrier for zoos, theme parks, street fairs, and long hikes. [order]

Saddle Baby

Baby Carrier

Child Carrier

Shoulder Carrier

Hands Free Shoulder Carrier

Hands Free Shoulder Carrier

Baby Saddle

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  1. Tom

    Hahaha what a waste. Just stop holding the legs just like walking your child will learn to keep its balance.

    Also. Why are there only men carrying children in those pics?

  2. LOL

    wish it comes with a seat belt

  3. Kathy

    This is a great idea! Most kids love riding on Dad’s shoulders and this is a fun and yet convenient way to carry him/her. I can really see this being used at amusement parks, and possibly as a rental at said parks – ala Disney World. Also while shopping at the mall, really almost anywhere. Kudos!

  4. Pearl Lamie

    This is wonderful! Tom, u r an idiot!

  5. Gert

    Tom either doesn’t remember being a kid or doesn’t have any of his own. Poor guy, he can’t help it.

    I think this is a great idea. Especially for my spastic son you can NOT just let go of.

  6. Kim

    Tom: “Why are there only men carrying children in those pics?”

    better -> Why is there only one man carrying children in those pics?

  7. cube

    how does the airbag work?

  8. Dustin

    Tom: Why isn’t that man carrying children in those pictures a woman?

  9. Wrexwas

    Look at the strap placement. If anyone with a pair of breasts tried to wear this harness, they would promptly have them crushed. Way to go limiting the target audience for the product. *eyeroll*

  10. Jaspal Singh

    The only thing missing is Go Pro cam.

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