Collection of Unusual Clock Designs

Unusual Clock Designs

Today we showcase our favorite examples of unusual clock designs.

Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock

And Cut! For all you aspiring directors, movie freaks, and people just interested in funky looking clocks, Chinavasion presents this director’s clapper-board shaped alarm clock. Looking and acting exactly like a director digital slate, this cool looking desktop accessory displays the date, and the time all the way down to deci-seconds. [order]

Directors Edition Digital Alarm Clock

Digimech Clock

Numbers are printed on vertical sliders and only reveal themselves when shifted into perfect alignment with the ‘display box’. When not aligned they look like random, alien forms.

Digimech Clock

Digimech Clock 2

Wood Plinth Clock

A slice of natural acacia with a clear lacquer finish.

Wood Plinth Clock

TimeSphere Wall Clock

Gideon Dagan’s clock captures the essence of pure, minimalist design. A seemingly gravity-defying ball travels around the dial to mark the time, creating an eye-catching illusion.

TimeSphere Wall Clock

Orbit Clock

With its original elliptical hands this clock changes shape like a satellite changes orbit. Every minute of every hour orbit creates a new shape on your wall.

Orbit Clock

Retro Flip Down Clock

Retro and incredibly slick looking gear operated metallic flip down clock for adding flair to any desktop or table. A true eye catcher, this retro designed timepiece will accurately tell the time all day long.

Retro Flip Down Clock

Retro Flip Down Clock 2

Tubes Clock

The Tubes Clock is a beautiful novelty clock that is a masterpiece of engineering, six tubes on a crafted wooden base, shows the time in red LED, simply stunning.

Tubes Clock

Tik Tak Clock

Clock designed by Miriam Van Der Lubbe and Niels Van Eijk: “I wanted to express time differently – with a decorative impact as well as a practical function. The powder coated shades of grey give depth to the piece, whilst the red second hand emphasises time’s continual movement.”

Tik Tak Clock

Lunar Eclips Clock

Solar and Lunar Eclips are such rare natural occurances that often leave us in awe.  Wouldn’t it be great if we can repeat this uncommon phenomena every hour in our own room?

Lunar Eclips Clock

Doing Time Clock

“Doing Time” makes reference to the scratched wall notations of a prisoner who uses mark making to denote the passing of time in order to preserve his humanity.

Doing Time Clock

Book Table Clock

Put this table clock with your books and create the illusion.

Book Clock

rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock

The most unusual feature of this clock lies in its entirely random application to the wall, hence the name “rnd_time”, where “rnd” is used to indicate the random factor. Each cube is made in nylon plastic, one cube for each hour, another to house the clock hands and battery.

rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock

rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock 2

The Rim Clock

The Rim Clock turns all that you know about clocks inside out. Instead of staying put and pointing to numbers like the hands of other, more well-behaved clocks, the hands on the Rim Clock are actually protrusions that go around the outside and point to the wall.

The Rim Clock

The Rim Clock 2

Decode Clock

What time is it? The numbers immediately become apparent when the minute hand intersects with the codes.

Decode Clock

Silver Spike Clock

Contemporary clock by Nextime which is aptly named the Silver Spike Clock. The clock features a 12 arm design and matching silver hands.

Silver Spike Clock

Just a Moment Clock

By creating a sequence of analog hours, minutes and seconds, the ‘Just a Moment’ clock both allows us to focus on each chronometric subdivision and forces us to reconsider the familiar angular relationships and shapes of a concentric clock’s hands. Wall-mountable.

Just a Moment Clock

Just a Moment Clock 2

White Matrix Wall Clock

White Matrix Wall Clock is the first world time clock with five displays using the atomic signal from DCF-77, the atomic clock radio station located in Frankfurt, Germany. Not only is the time shown extremely accurate but all five times are synchronized.

White Matrix Wall Clock

Dali Clock

Inspired by Salvador Dali’s surreal paintings, the Dali clock by Chillichilly is perfect compliment to those days when you want to watch time melt away.

Dali Clock

Dali Clock 2

Time Flies Clock

“Time Flies” are a random congregation of domestic pests who organize themselves in a way which makes them useful by demarcating the twelve numbers of the clock.

Time Flies Clock

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  1. Online Clock

    Extremely cool collection of clocks here – this is a great blog post!

    We like to keep track of all the various new kinds of clocks available, and there are several new ones here we’ve never seen before.

    We’d also like to humbly submit our online binary clock to your list:

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  2. Mena

    Nice Collection … I liked the Decode Clock

  3. aaron

    Hey check this one out…amendment to the list.. check out the flop clock.

  4. joss

    That fly clock would only confuse the other flies in my kitchen.

  5. Anonymous

    Ahh, come on! Where is the Chronophage? The Chronophage clock created by Stephen Hawking is THE single weirdest clock I have ever seen and it trumps all of those shown here.

    Here is a website with both a picture of it and a video of how it works.

  6. Bronson

    WOW, some really interesting takes on time keeping, but my favourite has to be the rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock, the randomness of it is very cool. The Dali one’s rock as well, but are not good for hangover days at all, they would do my head in.

  7. شات

    Wow , wonderful i really like them

  8. Ali Mahisefat

    The Rim Clock is fantastic

  9. cant

    correction: the “tubes clock” doesn’t use LEDs but Nixie tubes rather

  10. Keane

    What a great collection of unusual clocks! I think I should get one. ;)

  11. scott d

    tubes and tick tack are my faves. my wife’s biological clock is thankfully just about run out.

  12. tim

    all of these clock were cool but they were all right handed clock what about us lefty’s

  13. Jeroeng Guldemond

    The Waals World Watch tells you what the time is in every time zone with just a slight notch of the clock:
    Waals World Watch

  14. tasarimci

    Nice Collection
    I liked the Decode Clock

  15. امید

    Cool dude! all of them are so cool; and fun to use.

  16. angie

    Some really interesting looking clocks but some of them are “poor” design because they fail to do their primary function, that is to tell time.

  17. yomi sopein

    oh! my GOD,these clocks are beautiful and unique,thumb up for the designers..i wish i can pay to pick up one of them.i love being different.

  18. Nejc

    Great designers! Would likr to have few of them at home.

  19. Diogo

    I want all!

  20. Daniel

    Wow Really great design just love the rnd_time Infinite Wall Clock simply superb

  21. Sier

  22. Zafar

    i heard that there is a clock named nines clock in which instead of numbers they have equations consisting of only three nine’s.

  23. zafer yılmaz

    clock:tell time

  24. ketut

    nice design and creative….

  25. landy malk

    all these designes are excellent, i was looking for some designs to base my technology project in DT and are was ecactly what I was looking for, Thankyou xx

  26. Toplink

    beatifull designs of these clocks, bookmarked it

  27. dj

    quatily article thanks for all.. nice design..

  28. شات

    nice design and creative

  29. دردشة

    nice design..

  30. SDFHS

    quatily article thanks for all.. nice design..

  31. ahmad

    very nice
    they make my head spin hhhhh

  32. maxmam

    quatily article thanks for all.. nice design..

  33. scott

    Cool dude! all of them are so cool

  34. vesti srbija

    wonderful. i really like this collection.

  35. Victor

    Thanks im designing a clock as a school project and this article helped

  36. Max Katz

    The wood slab and the spike clock look like 60-70’s designs.What goes around comes around,huh?

  37. aldrin

    i like them, i also have my own collections have been doing it part time.

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