Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack

Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack

Designed by the creative minds at ADD Innovation, the Piano park bench can also be used as a bike rack.

Creative Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack

Creative Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack 2

Creative Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack 3

Piano Park Bench Doubles as a Bike Rack

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  1. Jim

    Nice idea to save space!

  2. Sol

    Simple, functional and very well executed!

  3. Jessica

    It’s a neat idea, but I actually wonder, how practical this bench would be in a city, where people actually use bikes a lot. Would there still be space for people to sit on it?

  4. julesandrebrown


  5. John

    I love that black bike.. who makes it.. where can I get??

  6. johnnyo

    It’s not very functional considering there’s no place to properly lock up your bike, it will keep your front wheel safe and that’s about it.

  7. Ianf

    It’s a beautiful, “clean form-,” but unfinished product concept, and that’s about all it is. Clearly, the designers have never used a bike in a city context, or they wouldn’t have rested there. A bike rack with no means to SECURE a bike, and a sitting surface that may be soiled by oily bike parts don’t mix. But, hey, anything to get the design studio’s name into print, that must’ve been their main objective…

  8. nile

    not at all functional. no way to lock your frame to the bench, mind as well throw your bike on the ground to save space. though well executed aesthetically, totally unreasonable

  9. Fabiola

    i’d be more practical if there was an specific surface to sit and one or two spots to place the bikes, so there would be no need of locking them to the bench. That way you’d actually rest on the bench and watch your bike, but of course in the context of a park, no the city.

  10. Kring

    good ide and nice

  11. Jose

    This will be great for indoors. I want to buy one.

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