Light Painted Dresses

Light Painted Dresses

Beautiful photo series by London based photographer Atton Conrad features models in creative dresses made of light.

“Light Dresses” were painted in dark studio with custom light brushes.

Produced light trails formed a dress around each model and creative images were captured using remote controlled long exposure camera.

Dresses Made of Light

Light Dresses

Atton Conrad

Dress Made of Light

Light Painted Fashion

Light Fashion

Light Painted Dresses by Atton Conrad

Light Fashion by Atton Conrad

Light Dress

Light Painted Dress

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  1. Gert

    This could have been sooooo much better done.

  2. dane

    so much potential…

  3. Jay

    @Gert. So this doesn’t amuse you then? Just not good enough for you? In that case I would love to check out your portfolio.

  4. Max

    Interesting idea with many ways to explore and discover. I like it. Seems light is a recurrent theme in his portfolio.

  5. Sharyn

    Beautiful! I really love the last two, awesome shoes too.

  6. Alicia

    Gorgeous! I’ve seen light-trail long-exposure shots done, but this is really cool.

  7. Leraine

    Would you be willing to debate against the position that the idea presented here is wonderfully original and full of potential, but that the execution is oddly lackluster?

  8. Andy

    Also, it looks photoshopped. How is the light passed behind the hands and necklace in the second last picture and around the hands in the last picture? If you’re going to do it, don’t fake it…

  9. csrgamer

    @Andy — Obviously it’s photoshopped, enlighten me as to how one could do this without an editing program please.

    @Jay — Just because someone doesn’t like a certain piece of art doesn’t mean that person can produce something better. Just because I don’t like certain music doesn’t mean I can make better music of the same genre, that’s ridiculous.

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