Aquarium Telephone Booth in France

Aquarium Telephone Booth

Benoit Deseille and Benedetto Bufalino have transformed regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium for the Lyon Light Festival in France.

Aquarium Telephone Booth in France 2

Aquarium Telephone Booth in France 3

Aquarium Telephone Booth in France 4

Aquarium Telephone Booth in France 5

Aquarium Telephone Booth in France

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  1. Mniya


  2. Gary

    Seriously cool phone box!

  3. Jorge

    Cool idea :)

  4. Richi

    Looks cool, needs more fishes.

  5. Jessica

    !!!!!!! this is awesome. And a seriously creative Idea.

  6. tracy

    very nice!

  7. haroon

    I want one:)

  8. wavetool

    They need to have one of these in every city! So cool…

  9. Neo-007

    Hey it’s come from Lyon in France ! My city !

    It’s cool to see that on your website

  10. mahdi

    very very nice.

  11. Anders

    Hope no one breaks it..

  12. Jackie


  13. Happy homebrewer

    I love how the Frangers always seem to do odd things that somehow look good.

  14. Vincent Lejeune

    You’re talking about my city !
    That was last year dec. 8 light fest in Lyon… this year was a lot more fun… check out pictures at

  15. Lolo

    I’ve seen it with my own eyes here in france!

  16. Alireza

    Wow, How interesting telephone box, I like it a lot :)

  17. javad


  18. Rita King Chen

    Well, very nice..can we make a call in this booth? ^^

  19. atalina08

    you couldnt have something like that in the US. A bunch of drunk freshmans would probably destroy it.
    Epic fail!

  20. Reilly

    I’d make a phone call in that. Funny story.
    When my dad was a kid, he took an m-80 firework stuck it in a chocolate ice cream sundae, lit the fuse, and threw it in a phone booth. Big boom. Big, chocolaty, sticky mess.

  21. Olivia

    I LOVE IT!!!!….its really creative and original!

  22. Kinoriiiiih

    This would be sick as a coral tank with a few tangs in it :)

  23. fred

    it would be interesting knowing how to trim and maintain the plants and the soil in such a tank :-o

  24. Enrico Martinez

    This is a job for Superm…
    CRASH!!! UH-OH!!!

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