Balancing Fishbowl

Balancing Fishbowl

Creative aquarium designed by Psalt looks like it is about to fall off the table.

Bubble Tank was made to provoke reactions and start conversations. The shape of this amazing fishbowl was inspired by a water drop which was ready to flow over the edge of the surface it was resting on.


Bubble Tank

Fish Bowl

Fish Tank

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  1. henry

    awesome ! makes me want a goldfish now

  2. tt

    fantastic. but I can’t mentally deal with this if I have it. like sitting with your back to an open door.

  3. Elliott

    it’s especially awesome to put a living thing inside something so precarious >.<

  4. Ninja Egg :D

    So glad i wasn’t born a fish! i’d be scared to death in that thing!
    it looks cool but i can’t help feel it’s gonna fall..


    I want this for my fish

  6. Shandya

    but the question is: will it not fall off the table?

  7. Ben

    tt and Ninja Egg thank you for a good laugh! Hahaha
    You are both so right!

    Definitely something to go crazy about!

    Talking about aquariums, a really nice one that would deserve a post here in the design category : the Fluval Edge.

  8. Elphi

    Interesting idea and design, but not the best for household use. It could easily be knocked off the table because it sits on the edge, even if it won’t fall off by itself.

  9. Cheryl

    I think it’s safe to say the designer has no kids.

  10. Elliott

    or cats

  11. Michael

    I presume that the bowl is fixed to the box below it. Considering it has the fish etched into it.

  12. Jordan

    this make me so nervous

  13. Mon Sun C

    Love this idea. Totally cool. BUt I agree with some posts here that it does make me a little nervous. Love the concept.

  14. Mapache

    Placing a living creature in a precarious enviroment isn’t design at all.

    That and toxel has a long history of non-fish-firendly posts like the miniature fishbowl, or the sink attached to a fishbowl that gets emptier every time you wash your hands, or that acuarium full of dead fishes inside blocks of ice.

    PLEASE STOP IT. It’s not cool

  15. elk

    looks awesome! but you should not put fish into it – round fish bowls are cruel, fish are going nuts in there.

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