iMac Aquariums

iMac Aquariums

Jake Harms transforms old Apple computers into eye-catching aquariums.

Recycled iMac cases are fitted with custom designed fish tanks, bright lights, and high quality filters in place of the screen.

MacAquariums and iMacquariums created for Apple fans around the world.

iMac Aquarium



iMacquarium by Jake Harms

MacAquarium by Jake Harms


Apple iMac Aquarium

Macquarium by Jake Harms

iMac Aquariums by Jake Harms

MacAquariums by Jake Harms


iMac Aquarium by Jake Harms

Apple iMac Aquariums



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  1. Six

    at least they are useful for something

  2. Sharyn

    Very pretty. I’d buy one, I loved the look of the iMac when they first came out and I really wished someone would make a PC version for adults.

  3. Glitto

    Perfect use of old iMacs. Instead of just throwing it is good to use it as aquarium :)

  4. Lance

    It turns out that most fish are not compatible with these aquariums; however, the owners still consider themselves elitist fish owners and speak of other brand aquariums in pejorative tones.

  5. Pilicks

    Nice one. Would be great if tranquil music will come out from the speakers so it would look like your watching the aquarium channel :)

  6. Daniel

    mine still working fine!!!

  7. Gert

    Finally, something useful you can do with a iMac besides ‘paper weight’

    lol, @Lance. Good one man.

  8. Enrico Martinez

    Nice 3D Wallpaper :-)

  9. kreebler

    iMaquarium, surely?

  10. Lewis

    iQuarium or iMacaurium even..

  11. Y. Satya

    It truly clubbed several ideas as a Single Beautiful Idea.

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