15 Unusual and Creative Aquariums

15 Unusual and Creative Aquariums

Modern fish tanks and creative aquarium designs from all over the world.

iPond Portable Aquarium

It is on sale in Australia and comes with gravel, water and a live fish. It has a built in speaker at the bottom and a headphone jack.

iPond Portable Aquarium


Cool aquariums made from the shell of Apple Macintosh computers.


Computer Aquarium

Infinity Aquarium

The repetitive geometrical shape of Infinity aquarium creates a visual metaphor to life in the fish bowl. Hand crafted from cut glass, Infinity aquarium scales down a vast concept of time and space.

Infinity Aquarium

Coffee Table Aquarium

Innovative liquid luxury – aquarium built-in into coffee table.

Coffee Table Aquarium

Bathtub Aquarium

This modern bathtub with built-in aquarium will surely spice up your bathroom.

Bathtub Aquarium

Sofa Aquarium

Priced at just $12,000, his sofa features aquariums on both sides.

Sofa Aquarium

Spacearium Aquariums

Canadian company called Aquarium ASP has created the Spacearium, a thin, hanging aquarium that be used as a room divider, lighting element, or for good old fashioned decoration.

Spacearium Aquariums

Desk Aquarium

The MILK desk comes with a built-in fish tank option that gives you a place to rest your eyes and provides a touch of daily nature.

Desk Aquarium

R2-D2 Aquarium

Modeled after the most well-known astromech droid in the galaxy, this R2-D2 holds a 1 3/4-gallon aquarium tank in his central compartment.

R2-D2 Aquarium

Local River Plant Aquarium

Beautiful aquarium by Mathieu Lehanneur breeds freshwater fish and vegetables. The vegetables strip minerals and nitrates from the water, effectively purifying it for the development of the fish.

Local River Plant Aquarium

Local River Aquarium

Bus Stop Aquarium

This bus stop is a real design from Brazil, dubbed “AqurioMania”.

Bus Stop Aquarium

Bathroom Sink Aquarium

Moody Aquarium Sink will spice up boring routines such as washing hands and brushing teeth.

Bathroom Sink Aquarium


The AquaDom in Berlin, Germany, is a 25 meter tall cylindrical acrylic glass aquarium with built-in transparent elevator.


Old TV Aquarium

Ever wondered what to do with that ancient 26″ wooden TV set laying around in your grandparent’s garage? Turn it into a unique aquarium.

Old TV Aquarium

Telephone Booth Aquarium

Benedetto Bufalino and Benoit Deseille have transformed a regular telephone booth into a functioning aquarium.

Telephone Booth Aquarium

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  1. Kat

    That iPond one was heavily criticized when it first came out as being cruel to the fish. It was pulled from shelves at some places.

  2. Don

    I Love the aquadom! 0.0

  3. Numanul Subhani

    I like the Bathroom sink!!! Its a fantastic idea…. Also like infinity one…. :)

  4. Ck

    I bet some of these are annoying to clean!
    looks wicked though!

  5. Jaqi Mugo

    I love these, the old TV and the sink I would have in my house, lol! Infinity and the bus stop are great too! Are those snakes in the local river one?!

  6. kreebilicus

    the iPond would make a good iPhone app using the camera.

  7. Fergal

    I love the sink one, although it might be a bit freaky when cooking. Am afraid my house would be a bit small for the 25M one.

  8. Mandy

    Oh my god, these a beautiful!

  9. Jef

    the river-plant one is a great concept. there’s actually waste-water treatment plants that work that way. never thought of it decoratively, but it would be real nice. i’d probably try and put more plants on there, and more stuff inside. make the whole thing more happy looking.

  10. Joshua

    Cruelty never looked so beautiful!

  11. Sklep Wędkarski

    AquaDom is absolutely… can’t find words. Check out videos on youtube!

  12. Pacwan

    Poor fish on the ipond one the fish and even move!

  13. poshmopolitan

    oh my god!

  14. om ipit

    this a great showcase…
    i love ipod aquarium :-)

  15. Andreas Herrmann

    this showcase is perfect!

    I love it and i come back!


  16. clairde

    the Local River pond and the Aquadom is fantastic!
    the Ipond looks like kinda fake

  17. mateus

    cool!i’m brasilian, but i speak english…
    i love all this..

  18. itsbrandnew

    i loved the ipond aquarium. i really really really want the ipond for my birthday or for christmas its so awesome. i hope i can get one really really soon.

  19. Rii

    That iPond is disgusting. What is the point? Even the designing is off. The poor fish, imagine being cooped up in a cage twice your size for your (I imagine) very short life. RSPCA anyone??



  21. a stranger

    I love the Coffee Table .If my friends see it ,they’ll be ….

  22. Abhishek727

    I loved the bathroom sink and coffee table designs the best but they all cost a fortune! the bathroom sink aquarium is for $4000-as much as a pro nikon camera and lens kit! Way too much expensive.

  23. andri

    does it cost much to make an aquarium like that

  24. Trin

    I love the sink aquarium and the local river aquarium lol

  25. yo

    love the coffe table and the sofa and , oh there all cool

  26. Silas

    Some of those are pretty awesome. I really like the sink idea, but it seems completely impractical to me. The running water intermittently hitting against the glass would probably be really hard on the fish. Same thing with the coffee table. “Don’t tap on the glass”, anyone?
    I would totally use the desk one and the spaceariums, though. Practical and beautiful.
    The iPond is idiotic. Why does everyone insist on keeping betas in containers that are only six inches across? The idea that they will die if kept in a large space is a bloody myth, people! Beta bowls are cruel.

  27. Chumpy

    I agree. Some of these ideas are simply evil. I would be PISSED if I had to spend my life chillen in a 6 by 6 inch cube. Although, if I had to live in that sofa, I could still watch NFL games…..

    The Infinity one is beautiful, but looks wicked tough to clean…..

  28. Nivetha

    I love that Spacearium Aquariums. It is amazing look .

  29. Agalya

    Very nice collections this is….

    Cool to see

  30. krol

    I love, is perfect, all of them

  31. MAR


  32. choco

    the sink and sofa and telephone both and the aquadom is all awesome (Y) .

  33. LOU


  34. shannon

    the r2 d2 1 is well kool

  35. stella

    Typical of humans, torturing animals to amuse ourselves.

  36. prpceolc

    I love that it’s assumed that the animals are tortured. if people are willing to spend so much money buying these unique aquariums i think they’re going to take good care of the fish.

  37. stella

    No matter how well animals are taken care of, putting a living creature, designed to move or fly around an unlimited space, depriving it of its freedom and confining it to prison for having done nothing wrong is the cruellest torture that only human being is capable of. Those who think animals in any kind of captivity are happy should imagine themselves in their place — in a small cage, well-fed and clean, gawked at by passersby and think if they would enjoy it.

  38. Reyairia

    prpceolc: Someone who knows how to properly take care of fish knows that the smaller the aquarium, the more DIFFICULT it is to clean properly. A 1G bowl should be cleaned every other day. But the people who own 1G bowls are those who know the least about fish and are not suited to that high level maintenance. Even if someone does clean the bowl twice a day, cleaning a tank that often stresses the fish anyway.
    Despite stupid myths perpetuated by the pet industry to make quick sales, bettas do not live in puddles, and the only reason they can survive in the equivalent for more than two days is because bettas have a labrynth organ that enables them to survive bad water quality for SHORT periods of time which they developed to cope with their native dry seasons. therefore, in a bowl a betta’s lifespan is much, much shorter. A betta kept in the right conditions should be able to live 3-5 years, and some are even reported to live up to 7 years.
    Has anyone ever kept a goldfish in a bowl? How long did it live? 6 months? a year? two years? A goldfish kept in a 10 gallon tank can live up to 10 years, and one kept in a good size pond can live up to 20 or 30 years. The oldest living recorded goldfish is 39 years old.
    No matter how well you keep the fish, one kept in anything less than 3 gallons will never be as healthy nor live as long as one kept in the appropriate filtered (and in case of a betta, heated) tank.

  39. shar

    whoa, i really like the sink one..that was creative…

  40. Elena

    Anthropomorphism, anyone? Just because a HUMAN would feel a certain way about something, PLEASE don’t assume a FISH would feel the same way—ESPECIALLY one that has probably been bred in captivity for YEARS. However, I must agree with Reyairia. I had a fancy gold in a 10gal tank for about 8 years before he died–I don’t know how old he was when I got him.

  41. David Bellamy

    No fish should be kept in any of these environments.

  42. danielle

    i’ve seen one at underwater world in brisbane, australia, that was a car filled with fish!

  43. krizzo

    Hate the ipond. Not only is it cruel but impractical what do you do when the fish dies from starvation.

  44. Clare

    Is that the real David Bellamy the botanist making a comment? If it is I’d agree with him because at least he has the credentials to know what hes taking about.

  45. Muddy

    Why is it that something as weird as the i-pond is attributed to coming from Australia?
    Is it because we are that far away no one is willing to check if it is bull…..?
    That item has NEVER been sold in Australia let alone “now removed from shelves”. I am a wholesale aquarium accessory dealer and you can be assured that the RSPCA would never allow such a thing to be sold and nor would any reputable person attempt to market it.

  46. youngin`

    like the TV one lmao :p
    the sink one is cool too. i’d buy it if i could, absolutely


    Ipond one is horrible, the fish can’t even move…
    And everyone knows that macs are so horrible, that the only logical thing to do with one is throw away the computer, and make a fish tank out of the case. ;)
    I love the sink one lol.

  48. Frank

    Oh my god, these really cool :o)

  49. meysam

    cool ; but do you people know how to create the beauty by your own creative mind? somtimes you can make a handcraft more and more better than these pics. it,s not too difficult . belive your ideas…

  50. addngkr

    The Infinity Aquarium was the most amazing.

  51. Josh

    infinity aquarium is the most creative! ;D

  52. joanne

    I love it all !!! People stop being so stupid, it’s only fish. Us humans like to entertain ourselves. I wish I had the money to buy it all !It’s damn creative !

  53. Mike

    This is so cool the tv one is especially sick! And so is the table one. The rest seem either to expensive or exert to much energy to make……

  54. Caitlin

    I like some of them but that iPond is really cruel. The fish can’t even move.

    Why not give it a big tank the size of the coffee table? It gives it enough room to move around and live like a fish.

  55. Haley

    I love the couch and sink I want one!

  56. snooki

    so all of u who think that some of these are cruel and animals shud b free r basically saying that u dont hav pets? i sure at least a few of u hav a dog or bird or whatever so all of u haters hav to back off cuz it took people a long time to create these. i love animals and i hav fish. i dont think it’s cruel if u know how to take care of the animal.

  57. Mike T

    I think the only thing cruel on this post is the bathtub. Why should those innocent fish have to stare at my fat backside? They never did anything to me.

  58. Sarah

    Sooo cool!

  59. cathy

    even a betta in one of those tiny ipod things would be dead in days.can it even turn to face the other way?are animals so “throw away”in the name of “art”? AND they call it an aquarium!

  60. Chris

    To those people who were saying that some of these tanks are cruel, I can’t help but agree with you. Very true. You can’t expect your betta to “live long and prosper” in an awful environment like that! It’s just too bad that some people just don’t get it…

  61. Millie

    i love fish. some of Gods most beautiful creatures! Some of these tanks are awesome and so creative :)
    but some are just…idiotic

  62. Kat R

    OMG people are strange and judgmental. the ipond is not mean. Do people not realize that the natural habitat of betas are puddles little tiny puddles that sometimes don’t even cover the whole fish. And when the puddle drys up the fish jump to another puddle. Stop being so judgmental. All of these tanks are neat and innovative.

  63. angel

    i like the sink one looking at your fish evey morning wen u go to brush ur teeth…cool

    but the ipod aquarim is itiotic,imagine u being stuck in there for your ver short life =crule

  64. hattie

    i love the infinty aquarium but wouldnt the fish be confused lol

  65. angel

    yah poor fish hattie it would be funny seeing the fish go alover it would be reelly cute

  66. Taylor

    People commenting about the cruelty factor, need to read the comments already added, we are retracing old steps here people… Haha.

  67. coolfish1800

    the sink one would kill the fish because there is no way to get oxygen into the water

  68. robert


  69. Kinoriiiiih

    The bath and the sink are terrible ideas.
    The constant hot water being used would change the temperature of the tank water and stress out and kill (depending on the breed of the fish and temperature of the water) the fish.
    They look pretty sweet, but would definately harm the poor little fellas inside.

    And the ipod tank isnt as cruel as alot of people are saying. Just as long as a betta has water in its gills, it can live for hours out of a tank. At your local fish store they’ll be selling them in small cups of water that hold LESS water then the ipod thing does. But in saying that, the fish inside the ipod would be miserable being stuck in that thing, so its not really that great of an idea. You keep an ipod in your pocket or bag, the fish has gota hate being shaken around so much when you walk! And the constant vibration from the speaker would stress it out to the max. Plus the water isnt heated and even though bettas can live in cold water, they really love warmer conditions. It looks like a photoshop anyway. Either that, or its dome shaped, which is just plain stupid.

    The tv is sick :)
    Im hopefully gona be building one soon!

    The phone booth looks incredible!! I love it!

  70. megan

    i love the talb tank that is aewsome!the tv and r2d2 tanks are cool to ! good gob:)but why would you guys have a toilt tank? that would be wird but it is cool!i wish i could get that HUGE tank for my 5 fish ! they would love it!even though they are about the size of the top half of my finger and my finger is tiny.
    you guys got wird but cool fish tanks!what exeipired you guys to make such aewsome tank?!

  71. sheep

    eventually, the aquadome hused 5 neon tetras!

  72. megan

    why in the world would you want a sink as a fish tank? that is so wird. i would not like to have my fish looking at me when i’m using the freaking toilt.what did they do to me. to torch theme so bad!?

    p.s good job :p

  73. Aoi

    sofa one looks so difficult to change water.

  74. lizz

    OMG my house is ganna be like im in a fish tank!

    p.s i agree with Aoi!

  75. lizz

    ITS NOT CRUEL THEY DONT CARE. all they do is swim eat poop repeat over and over again and again!

  76. Scott

    It’s true, they dont care, they have like no memory they would be like “OHH MYY GOD IT’S SO SMALL!” then they would forget :L

  77. vijay

    Fishes in aquariums, no matter how good they are kept, still they are kept in captivity. But, I think in this way, these animals are atleast kept in clean environment and taken care of. Think about the infinite number of fishes caught and mercilessly killed either to eat or just to throw. We cannot be very perfect. (Even god is not)So, keeping fishes in gud environment and making ambience lively should not be a problem. If they are free in wilderness, they are at constant danger (we have seen it on animal planet).

  78. Harsh

    I loved the sink one…

  79. caitlan

    love the sink lolz <3

  80. cass

    ok… those of you that keep complaining about the poor fish that cant even move should do you research on the actual fish…. A Siamese fighting fish originally live and breed in small puddles in rice fields. In fact it is kind of cruel to put them in large aquarium because they arent adapted to that life. Also you cant even see how far back the tank actually goes… so dont be so fast to judge he is fine…. lol

  81. brad

    i love the 25 meter tall aquarium idea!!! :D

  82. Stevie

    Ok sorry to burst your bubble, but bettas have NEVER originated from puddles. They were first from rice paddies, which yes are shallow compared to a pond, but are always at least six inches deep. They have also been found in deep ditches, slow moving streams, and canals. Also, they are better off in a large aquarium, with at least two and a half gallons of water PER fish. They can survive in shallow water yes, but that doesn’t mean a puddle. It means large areas of shallow water. Fish also do have a memory. They can recognize their owners (or whoever feeds them regularly) and they can be trained. Siamese Fighting fish were trained to behave as they do. They already would fight for dominance and territory, but people further trained them to do so even more. Believe me on this, it is in fact cruel to keep any fish in such a small tank no matter how well kept it is. I know this because where I live my family still raises them in the paddies, and has for generations. I would never put my darling Noi in something like that.

  83. Kate

    Is that snakes I see in the Local River Plant Aquarium? Ewwwww…Yuck…disgusting!

  84. angel

    infinty must be a killer no fish could live like that

  85. Melinda

    I gotta agree with tiny tanks and bowls being cruel, makes me sick to see them being sold in stores in those kind of things :/ It’s retarded, really. What a life to never know what’s behind you.

    Also, @ vijay – “We cannot be very perfect. (Even god is not)”

    lol….really? ^^;

  86. Rode

    Wow, I love the sink. And, yes, there was a hole in it to feed the fish.
    And I’m sure the people who made these were smart enough to make holes for water to go out. They want to make decorations. And, yes, the ipond idea wasn’t the best, but maybe rhey made a hole to let the fish out. I’m sure no one would torture a fish like that.

  87. Mick from Oz

    Haha. I’m glad a few of you loved the TV Tank and no one bagged it as that’s MY tank. Built it about 9 years ago. It’s still doing well, but have had a number of different fish in there since then

  88. Pam

    I want one.

  89. awesome commentor

    Old tv one very clever however would of prefered more viewing space. couch one awesome however not very practical. Sink one extremely intelligent however insure were the tap water would go. Love telephone both. Apple ones arent that great, if they were in the shape of a product (the ipod one!) it would be a lot better, nice idea though.

  90. Potri

    I like the old tv aquarium.

  91. kate

    excuse me,but fishes are the gift of god!!! they arent JUST fish,,, they are also a source of food and income!!! i know im too young (hello!!9 years old here!!!)but i appreciate gods gifts!!! and how do you feed the fishes anyway???uhh…hello??? ANIMAL CRUELTY!!!fishes should be taken care of…not abused!!!

  92. Nancy

    How on earth do you clean that Infinity tank? Goldfish can make any tank seriously messy!

  93. Karen McLinton

    I want all of them! Great work, I love the TV one. How could I get one made? All I need to do now is win the lottery!

  94. Ben

    Awesome aquariums there. I’d love to visit the 25 meter tall one in Germany, that’s just stunning, especially at night (I’ve seen the pictures :P )

  95. Mick from Oz

    How funny to find this site. I made the TV Tank in 2003 (and still in use now), and a little surprised to find this pic here. Thanks for the compliments guys.

  96. Bojan Landekić

    Fish are not wood to be owned as pets for your amusement. They are living beings which deserve to be free. The vast majority will not agree with this, kinda like during slavery the vast majority didn’t agree that blacks should have equal rights. The human race is very slow to be moral, it cares more about being entertained.

  97. jimmy

    people realy fish r are like us we can swim but how can they breath like realy what if i put u in somthing li,e the i pod my lord treat them rite treat them rite

  98. jman

    HELLO PEOPLE WAKE UP!!! I have a Male Jumbo Melano Betta and I have managed to train it to be non aggresive but scared of anything that is not food that enters its tank, but still it loves to swim around its 10L tank. This proves that fish need a large environment to thrive and enjoy themselves in.THE IPOND IS THE WORST INVENTION TO EVER INCORPERATE MAN AND BEAST IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!

  99. Tsvar Tiklokisn

    I want one that has black painted glass and is filled with concrete to the top. I have already tested it and it does not leak at all. One benefit the fish don’t seem to need as much food when they have a couple hundred pounds of concrete on them

  100. JP

    Most of these are only focusing on design detail and certainly NOT the poor fish involved. Personally, unless you have a very large tank (even then I’m not thrilled) keeping fish in tiny tanks is as cruel as keeping birds in cages. Sigh…humans will never learn.

  101. Rachel

    The I pod aquarium is cruel. Bettas were made to swim in huge rice patties. Not to live in tiny animal footprints or tiny aquariums. What is wrong with us???

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