Modern and Creative Bookmark Designs

Modern and Creative Bookmark Designs

Modern bookmarks and creative bookmark designs from all over the world.

Save Bookmark

Creative paper bookmark with a Save icon on it. Make your own bookmark by downloading a vector based image.

Save Bookmark

LED Bookmark Booklight

[LITE]READ functions as a bookmark and portable reading light. This is handy device that can be used for reading in a dark environment without disturbing others. It also functions as a reading aid to the elderly or those with poor eyesight.

LED Bookmark Booklight

LED Bookmark Booklight 2

LED Bookmark Booklight 3

Skyline Bookmark

Metal Skyline bookmark designed by Irene Kwong.

Skyline Bookmark

Liquid Bookmark

Every “liquid bookmark” is hand-made by the designer, each design is completely unique.

Liquid Bookmark

Liquid Bookmark 2

Liquid Bookmark 3

Beaded Wire Bookmark

Learn how to make your own beaded wire bookmark.

Beaded Wire Bookmark

Favbook Bookmark

The idea is to combine the convenience of fresnel lense with luxury silver bookmark. it’s for the favourite books only! The lens is made from high quality durable plastic, frame of silver. you can embed led backlight for more comfortable reading.

Favbook Bookmark

Favbook Bookmark 2

Favbook Bookmark 3

MARK Bookmark

Avnish Gautam has designed an amazing concept bookmark that lights up at night and covers the area you’re reading. The MARK uses flexible OLED technology on a thin piece of plastic to illuminate the reading area to your preferred brightness.

MARK Bookmark

MARK Bookmark 2

Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark

The Abracadabra bookmark contains an air filled chamber, half of which is flattened by the weight of the book. Squeezing the exposed side inflates the concealed side and lifts the page just enough for your finger to slip in.

Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark

Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark 2

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  1. Krylun

    Diggin’ the liquid bookmark.

  2. Megan

    Hopefully these designs will encourage people to read more…

  3. atnlie

    Yeah it’s good idea.

  4. danielle

    funny designs, particularly the Abracadabra Puffy Bookmark… wouldn’t mind having one of these. simple and useful…

  5. Laurie

    super fun bookmarks. thanks!

  6. Sakura

    Dude, all the bookmarks seriously rock. Luv the puffy/liquid bookmarks!


  7. heatfire

    Man .All the bookmark are freakin’ cool.particularly the puffy bookmark.

  8. Sat J Patel

    Great Creativity. I really liked all.

  9. donna

    very nice.. like them! ;)

  10. vidushi baj

    kindly tell me where can i get led book mark in india and specially in rajasthan

  11. Aastha

    beatiful bookmarks and great ideas how to make a bookmark. WONDERFUL!!!!!!!

  12. pasha

    what’s the PRICE????????????????

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