Pencil Carvings

Pencil Carvings

Unique pencil sculptures created by talented Hungarian artist Cerkahegyzo.

Carved pencils are transformed into beautiful sculptures and works of art.

Carved Pencil Art by Cerkahegyzo

Carved Pencils Art by Cerkahegyzo


Pencil Sculpture

Pencil by Cerkahegyzo

Carved Pencil Art

Carved Pencils Art

Pencil Carvings by Cerkahegyzo

Pencil Art by Cerkahegyzo

Pencil Artwork

Carved Pencils

Pencil Sculptures

Pencil Carving

Carved Pencil

Pencil Carving by Cerkahegyzo

Carved Pencils by Cerkahegyzo

Carved Pencil by Cerkahegyzo

Pencil Art

Pencil Sculpture by Cerkahegyzo

Pencil Sculptures by Cerkahegyzo

Pencil Artwork by Cerkahegyzo

Pencils by Cerkahegyzo


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  1. Sharyn

    Wow! The detail is amazing. I love the needle & thread & the Alien ones

  2. Wow

    Ain’t nobody got time for that!

  3. The Thinking Insomniac

    Damn!! AWESOME!

  4. minions


  5. Gert

    The skills you lern in prison…

  6. PRIVY

    lol @gert !!

  7. Karen

    I don’t understand how that’s possible

  8. steve

    If it were prison skills they would all look like shiv’s

  9. Nisa Zul

    it this real? if yes, this is superb awesome!!

  10. TwoOptions

    Great hard work and all, but the two-headed heart-shaped one looks suspicious. Just sayin’.

  11. Maseki

    I wouldnt even dare start doing this coz I would go through a whole lorry of pencils by the time I have curved out the wood on them.

  12. kim potstada

    It obviously takes a lot of talent and patience to do what you do. I both admire your work and respect it.

  13. arun


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