Memorable and Creative Commercials

Memorable and Creative Commercials

Even though the goal of commercials is to sell the product or service, they can also be a great source of inspiration. In today’s post, we showcase our favorite creative commercials that came out in 2009.

Coinstar Commercial

Creative stop motion commercial for Coinstar directed by PES.

Coinstar Commercial

French Squirrel Goes Nuts

Clever animated commercial for the Emerald Nuts is the tale of a snobby French squirrel that savors the taste of deluxe nuts.

French Squirrel Goes Nuts

Coke Babies

Cool commercial for Coca-Cola directed by The Purchase Brothers.

Coke Babies

Sony Bravia Zoetrope

Sony BRAVIA commercial featuring international soccer star Kaka.

Sony Bravia Zoetrope Commercial

Pepsi Max Job Interview

Funny “Fight Club inspired” commercial for Pepsi Max.

Pepsi Max Job Interview

Lead the Charge – Become Legendary

Jordan Brand commercial shows the intensity of the NBA game.

Lead the Charge - Become Legendary

Life Flows Better With Visa

New creative commercial for Visa Europe starring Bill Shannon, created by Saatchi and Saatchi.

Life Flows Better With Visa

  1. Megan

    Visa commercial is incredible!

  2. mr_biz

    agreed viisa commercial is the best

  3. Thomas

    Coca Cola always has amazing commercials.

  4. Paul Sample

    visa and pepsi ads were my favorite

  5. Anton

    Brilliant commercials.

    For the Sony Bravia commercial, I prefer the one where the release loads of coloured bouncy rubber balls down a street (, as well as most of the Nike and Adidas commercials.

  6. arslion


  7. jose

    Realy good colection! I like Coca-cola commercials

  8. Virginia

    Love the VISA commercial. Who is Bill Shannon?

  9. vanessa

    wow how amazing it is!

  10. chris sorrenson

    I think the squirrel commercial was great animation and the pepsi one was the funniest

  11. Aaron Ghirardelli

    I believe the coins advertising was the best one. Incredible example of stop motion animation and great idea about all the places where coins usually go.

  12. Mela
    I didnt knew him

    Great collection!

  13. Chris

    the Pepsi Max ad is a ripoff from a film…

  14. Daniel conory


    I guess i Vote Pepsi Ad……..

  15. Buba

    Pepsi ad was the best. VISA it’s too beautiful to be possible in real life.

  16. Solace

    The Visa ad is very possible. The Man on crutches is a dancer named Bill Shannon who was born with a degenerative hip disease. He moves that way everyday. Makes you think huh.

    The Visa ad was the best hands down.

  17. cheezeflicker

    nice =D the only one ive ever seen tho is the visa ad cos im in the UK. i liked the pepsi one and the cola one.i wonder if the pepsi thing would work… lets try it!

  18. Jbcarey

    After seeing what “Crutch” can do… The Visa ad is more then definitely the best… some impressive stuff

  19. Jennifer


  20. Trin

    I love the pepsi max one that is so funny the french squirrel one is cool to and so is the coinstar one

  21. savedobby

    i am amazed that you guys dont have the honda cog commercial on here, it is a commercial that is made using entirely real pieces, no cgi, i kid you not. heres the link

  22. oyik

    I love the coinstar and the VISA ad .. :)

  23. jeannie

    i think the squirrel commercial was the great one animation and the pepis one wes the funniest

  24. Erica

    I really liked all the videos I especially liked the visa card one I think they did a great job marketing it and if I didnt already have one I would definitly try to get one.

  25. Pa,m

    The best for enjoyment was the Pepsi Max commercial. It kept you guessing and entertained. The French squirrel was best for voice and animation. The experience of a commercial should be to keep you laughing definitely does that.

  26. Ryan

    I loved the pepsi max commercial.

  27. gail

    I liked the pepsi max commerical.

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