Art Created Using Matches

Art Created Using Matches

Los Angeles based artist Pei-San Ng creates art by playing with matches.


This piece was made out of approximately 2,500 matchsticks.




This hawk piece was partially burned from claws to head and body.








Sneakers on Fire

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  1. Henry


  2. Joel

    lotsa fire.

  3. SaraJane


  4. crzyninja

    too bad he burned it

  5. jumanicus

    wow that would have taken 4ever, love it.

  6. Jiggles

    Someone has too much time on their hands

  7. SpiderPig

    I Love the way he burned them. Adds to the art tremendously.

  8. Zunny

    gym shoes…eagle.. what do matches have to do with those
    subjects? As an curiosity interesting , craft maybe ..but not yet art.

  9. Danyell

    Jiggles, how is this “too much time on their hands”? When you’re an artist, art is your *job*. I guess this just shows how some people believe in working hard and you don’t.

  10. Seth

    I did an art project exactly like this a few years ago.

  11. bita

    very nice … I like it …

  12. Cindy Auligny

    I love the last pic. It’s charming. Lost a lot of time to create and just 1 minute to burn. Seem to be so crazy.

  13. cycarla

    WAAAH!!! Why burn them?!

  14. theUncommon


    Looks like he’s pointing out the temporary nature of our modern culture.


    They’re all stereotypical American symbols, apart from love, which the artist is showing as a temporary infatuation that will inevitably lead to it’s own destruction. Their self destructive nature is shown by creating them from a material that’s designed to be destroyed in a blaze of glory.

    Hmmm… turns out some stuff from that digital art degree has sunk in.

  15. cerulean

    @zunny, totally agree. the only one that sort of works as a good concept is burning the dollar sign. pretty symbolic. but burning sneakers or an eagle? it’d just be more interesting if there was more thought put into it.

  16. James Anzalone

    “Phil in the circle” does it better with his “goodbye art”

  17. javad


  18. Toasty O's

    @zunny and cerulean

    I would disagree. It’s like saying that the Mona Lisa is garbage because she has nothing to do with paint. The logic does not work.

    I think it is more about the transience of the symbols that we hold so tightly. He could have easily done paintings and set them on fire, but that would not have been as visually striking.

    Oh, and if you missed the connection between love and fire than you need to get out of your parents basement.

  19. Chad


    Maybe the sneakers represent burning rubber!

  20. Darrell

    OK. That eagle is AMAZING!

  21. NiSa ZuL

    totally AWESOME!!! love it!

  22. Bajo

    Dangerous art kkk

  23. Kirvi Inci

    The love one brings a particular Johnny Cash song to mind. :)

    Very creative.

  24. timmay

    wow i really like this, it must have tooken a long time to make, its really fun to do it with friends too.

  25. Jonas

    thumbs up for this guy!

  26. mea

    nice. i love it sooooooooooo much

  27. ok

    I wonder if Paris Hilton would call this art….”HOT!”…

  28. Gunnar

    some 1 has way to much time on their hands

  29. alox

    beautyful job!

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