Easy to Find Door Lock

Easy to Find Door Lock

Innovative door lock designed by Junjie Zhang for people who have trouble finding the keyhole and inserting the key in the dark.

Useful “V” shaped opening will guide you to the key hole. No need for a flashlight, you will easily find this door lock in complete darkness.

Brilliant door lock cover can also be installed onto existing locks.

Only a concept for now, but hopefully someone will manufacture it and we will see this door lock on the market and in our local hardware stores.

Innovative Door Lock

V Lock by Junjie Zhang

Junjie Zhang

Upside Down Version

Designed for front doors and exterior doors. It protects the keyhole from rain, snow, and other elements.

V Lock

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  1. shadow

    what a great innovation o:

  2. Dave

    Drunk Tech

  3. Rafeek

    This is an amazing discovery for the old and blind people, really appreciated….!

  4. Khurram

    Brilliant innovation

  5. Dumbo

    Great idea. Now make it of glow-in-the dark material and you really have something that can be used by everybody, even in total darkness.

  6. Gert

    Aw, just admit it’s for drunks already. lol

  7. Dominic

    still prefer biometrics…

    Nice design tho!

  8. Jimbo

    love it. want one.

  9. Hossein

    mu god….!!! nice

  10. Dalist

    It’s the Alcoholock!

  11. Swiper Fox

    Would it be much easier if you have a mini flashlight keyholder? You can see where the keyhole is and which of the keys shall you use to open the door.

  12. Goobly

    Otherwise none as the drunk mans door lock

  13. latincrow81

    wouldn’t it be better if it was a funnel?, this is not bad, but a funnel would save you one movement

  14. Kat

    i’m not old, blind or alcoholic but i bet this is very useful for me.

  15. Haley

    the newest way to lock-pick is now available!

  16. mOHs

    it is wonderful idea but the keys might be longer than exciting keys for full push operation and rotation.

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