Bathroom Sinks and Creative Sink Designs

Bathroom Sinks and Creative Sink Designs

Modern bathroom sinks and creative sink designs from all over the world.

Stone Forest Pedestal Sinks

Beautiful sinks from Stone Forest are hand carved granite sculptures which combine the simplicity of Japanese style with contemporary design.

Stone Forest Sinks

Stone Forest Pedestal Sinks

Mystic Sink

With faucet & drain positioned at opposite ends of the sink, water cascades through the 8-inch-wide tapered preparation/work area, much akin to a stream or river.

Mystic Sink

Splash Sink

Eclectic, unusual and creative: in a word, “Splash”.

Splash Sink

X-Light Surround Basin

Designed by Jan Puylaert, the X-Light Surround basin comes with a built-in amplified speaker system for your iPod.

X-Light Surround Basin

Quartz Sink

Luxurious quartz sinks are made from 93% quartz that is specially processed into a composite suitable for the kitchen and bathroom.

Quartz Sink

Antilia Glass Lavatory

The raw, elemental qualities of glass provide an extraordinary showcase for the interplay of light and water in any bath or powder room.

Antilia Glass Lavatory

Flo Pedestal Sink

This is something you would expect to see in a museum. Flo is a completely free standing pedestal sink and faucet system.

Flo Pedestal Sink

Vessels Leaf Sink

Vessels lavatories allow you to choose the sense of contemporary you want to express, from pure elegance to mathematical precision to fundamental form.

Vessels Leaf Sink

Bandini Ocean Sinks

The Ocean series of modern sinks from Bandini are like interactive bathroom art for the user to explore. So sculptural, yet entirely functional, the eye-catching organic forms bring to mind the soothing motion of ocean waves.

Bandini Ocean Sinks

Glass Sink

Perfectly symmetrical gorgeous glass sink from Cogliati-Cogliati.

Glass Sink

Vaselli Slim Travertine Basin

Ordering Vaselli is like commissioning your own piece of sculpture, each piece is truly made to order.

Vaselli Slim Travertine Basin

Texture Sink

Beautiful striped bathroom sink design from Olympia.

Texture Sink

Omvivo Contemporary Sinks

An elegant compromise between design and functionality, the Onda Washplane is a contemporary sink from Omvivo that pushes the boundaries of design.

Omvivo Contemporary Sinks

Natural Stone Sinks

The sculptural qualities of the Prisma and Vela stone washbasins by Bandini can be appreciated when viewed from any angle. Made from Moonstone, they change and interact with the lighting, setting and viewer so that your experience is intensely personal.

Natural Stone Sinks

Natural Stone Washbasin

Dimara Sink

This beautiful sink from Ardino will look good in any bathroom.

Dimara Sink

Flowood Sink

Flowood is an entirely new concept for bathrooms. It’s a patented system to produce wooden washing facilities.

Flowood Sink

Flux Washbasin

The water drains, naturally, elegantly, with the force of gravity, running down the slanting sides of the washbasin. At the bottom of the sink there is a gap that lets the water out.

Flux Washbasin

Swing Sink

Modern sink design from B Dutch made from blue limestone.

Swing Sink

Crystal Wall Sink

Beautiful glass bathroom sink designed by Urbinati for ArtCeram.

Crystal Wall Sink

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  1. Jbcarey

    This site shows some amazing stuff and I’ve been a fan for the past 2 weeks :D

  2. Krylun

    Form over Function. Cliche over Unique Critique.

  3. wtyang24

    i love the circular glass one. looks like a petri dish :D

  4. Greg

    What a great find – keep the interesting posts coming!

  5. Jon

    Yea this site is pretty amazing, I’m glad I stumbled on it especially since I’ll be buying a house within the next few months. I’m excited to apply some creative design.

  6. Beezy

    fancy pants looking sinks!

  7. Dainis Graveris

    beautiful interior designs :) amazing.

  8. Mansoor Ehsan

    this is so beautiful…..i love all your posts… if i want to market and then sell this kind of stuff in my country what can i do? whom to contact?

  9. Jaqi Mugo

    Crystal wall sink pretty. Love this site, may it go on growing. You should have a Facebook group!

  10. Shelagh

    Beautiful. But some of these ‘sculptures’ are not functional – I mean how can you fill up some of these sinks and let your pantyhose soak overnight??? I mean REALLY!

  11. Jade

    The water drains….with the force of gravity, running down the slanting sides of the washbasin. Wow. And i thought ALL sinks did that!

    don’t get me wrong, these sinks are pretty amazing :)

  12. Karen

    but how does the water not over flow in the super shallow basins?

  13. Lynn

    I saw the last one at Home Depot. It’s fantastic!

  14. Pickle

    WOW! interesting sinks…makes me wanna buy ’em!

  15. Amanda

    Wow. Very few of these designers thought any of these designs through. They thought, “Well, shucks, it won’t be in my home!” and sent it on its way without a thought about its functionality. It’s a sink. It can’t ruin your tiles if you try to wash your hands.

  16. Fiammetta

    I was once in weekly rentals in Spain that sported those kind of sinks: a glass bowl and the quartz square sink.
    I was thrilled as they looked really classy, but I found the experience unnerving: I did not like brushing my teeth in a salad bowl, and cleaning the hard corners was a full time job.

  17. Jim

    I like many, but would really only ever use one – the Mystic. It just seems to combine syle, organic feel and funtionality to me. Drop one into an island, either stone or wood, and it works for me.

  18. Queendeb

    A lot of fascinating stuff! I love this stuff!

  19. maru

    beautiful design.^^

  20. Simple

    amazing designs with nice creativity..

  21. mayaz

    absoluteely brilliant..loved it..

  22. Will xx

    I Love The Designs, All Amazing! Just One Comment… Ipod So Close To Water?? I Wouldn’t Trust Myself… :L

  23. Al

    Amazing. You cannot but be impressed.

  24. Moonlight

    I’m an architect,I think these are very excellent. Thaks alot.


    This website is amazing and the sink products are just fantastic… shame no prices are detailed… however I like the creativity!

  26. Abhishek Mishra

    I like the Stone Forest Pedestal Sinks the best-not that others are not good… As for the shallow ones, although they may be so angled that all the water does flow down the drain but then you’d still get wet from the droplets which would bounce at you. About the Stone Forest Pedestal Sinks I liked the last one-the one with broken edges. Just wondering if we can replace a broken earthen pot that could be a good idea for just washing your hands-I mean for small places where you just only put a sink to only just wash or rinse your hands-like the small ones under the stairways! Give it a coat of limewater and fix some enclosure to reduce the area of outlet so as not to present a gaping hole but a proper sink. Will it work?? Just wondering!!!

  27. Dave Sood

    Creative minds.

    Will use some stone ideas in our next project.

  28. Nickey

    Excellent work, creativity and efforts. To bad no price, which is the first thing come in my mind. Great site…

  29. thibel

    i love the splash sink!

  30. Events

    Pretty cool designs, but some are probably better for trendy bars and restaurants rather than in your home. Overall, most of them are pretty striking designs. The inner-lighted pedestal is my favorite.

  31. j Hazell

    Really nice selection of products, but a very lame site design looks like a 80s Zellers or Kmart ad. Nice products need to be shown in a cool site. its time to maybe be as cool as the items you promote.

  32. Crystal

    These sinks look really nice, but wouldn’t water splash everywhere if the sink is so flat?

  33. Lynnard

    absolutley beautiful.
    im speechless.

  34. thay

    atoreei haha ._.

  35. Manuela

    the glass sink really jumps out at me. its just a shallow glass bowl, and i just think its really unique.

  36. rlc

    some wonderful faucets, basins, and stands: simplicity, creative, elegant, and practical.

  37. bayrakçı

    Form over Function. Cliche over Unique Critique.

  38. Lawrence Fernandes

    Futuristic, simplicity and glassy to keep one’s mind cool.

  39. someone

    haha. @jade. my thoughts exactly.

  40. melnebone

    people that have these amazing pieces of architechure in their bogs, dont actually use them, its all for show.

  41. Lucinda

    love mystic sink, but splash sink would probably suit my place.

  42. Maectro

    Im speechless too.. these sinks are all amazing!

  43. HannahJet

    they look amazing but just think.. with kids or very messy husbands water will get everywere with the lower sinks

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