Modern Showers and Creative Shower Heads

Modern Showers and Creative Shower Heads

Modern showers and creative shower head designs from all over the world.

Pocket Shower

Cool product unfolds into waterproof reservoir that will hold 10 litres of water. Black fabric will help warm the water up in no time. [buy now]

Pocket Shower

Tosca Oasis Shower Panels

Modern European luxury shower panels from Tosca line by Visentin.

Tosca Oasis Shower Panels

Ishi Shower by Lockie von Moger

Besides looking good on the wall, Ishi shower features a slider that allows you to control the flow of water. Convenient pause button allows you to pause the flow mid-way so that you can lather-up the soap and then resume for the rinse.

Ishi Shower by Lockie von Moger

Ishi Shower

WaterTile Rain Shower Panel

To further heighten your custom showering experience, WaterTile Rain shower panel provides targeted water delivery where you need it most with four 54-nozzle fully adjustable spray-heads.

WaterTile Rain Shower Panel

The Aquavolo Shower

Creative waterfall shower becomes rain shower in one flip.

The Aquavolo Shower

The Aquavolo Shower 2

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker

Rainmaker shower system enriches the water with drawn-in AIR to create voluminous raindrops from a conventional shower spray. Unlike with a conventional continuous “spaghetti” shower spray, the subjective perception of the water coming into contact with the skin is more gentle.

Hansgrohe Raindance Rainmaker

Gas Mask Shower

Chris Dimino has turned a gas mask into a shower head.

Gas Mask Shower

Elemental Spa Shower

Part plumbing fixture, part architecture, the SATI and SANGHA shower heads are part of the new Elemental Spa collection by Dornbracht.

Elemental Spa Shower

Pipe Shower

Floor mounted industrial style shower design from Boffi.

Pipe Shower

Vola 50 Shower Head

Designed by Teit Weylandt, Vola 50 shower head features 5 parallel bars arranged horizontally, each comprising of 15 nozzles.

Vola 50 Shower Head

Euridice Glass Shower Heads

Modern glass shower heads designed by Ritmonio.

Euridice Glass Shower Heads

Eco Drop Shower

If you shower for a long time, the circles will rise to force you to turn off the water and go out.

Eco Drop Shower

Charade Orchidea Trio Shower Head

This shower head uses three shallow domes to form one giant shower head. Each head features three rings of anti-scale transparent silicon nozzles that rain sensuous streams of water. Combined, the three heads are then set into a larger circular body.

Charade Orchidea Trio Shower Head

Drops Lighted Shower

Imagine standing under a beam of light that highlights each shimmering droplet of water as a shower of refreshing water cascades down upon you. Sound nice? Then the illuminating showering experience of the Drops Lighted Shower from Cisal is definitely for you.

Drops Lighted Shower

Jet Shower Head

The X-Touch head is a jet shower head from Newform that juts down from the ceiling like a shiny pipe.

Jet Shower Head

Geo 180 Shower

Modern tub by Kos of Italy combines a whirlpool option with a cascading ceiling mounted shower head that doubles as a soothing mood light.

Geo 180 Shower

DF50 and DR50 Shower Heads

Totally stripped-down forms of pure steel, the DF50 and DR50 shower designs are striking industrial style shower heads from Balance.

DF50 and DR50 Showers

DF50 and DR50 Showers 2

Viteo Outdoors Inverted Shower

Designed by Danny Venlet, modern shower sits on the ground and shoots water up 4 meters in the air. You activate the water stream by stepping on the inverted shower.

Viteo Outdoors Inverted Shower

Also check out: Horizontal Shower and Egg Shaped Shower Concept

  1. wtyang24

    the gas mask one is kinda saw-ish, but overall a good collection.

  2. Paul Sample

    gas mask is an awesome idea

  3. Hazzard

    How are you supposed to wash your hair with an inverted shower?

  4. Smarter than Hazzard


    You twit – it’s an *outdoor* shower for rinsing off at the beach or or a swimming pool.

  5. Smarter than the person who thinks they're smarter than Hazzard

    If you go into the sea/ocean, the salt from it can cause the hair to clump together.

  6. as smart as the person who thinks they're smarter that Hazzard


  7. Dr. Octagonapus


  8. hurr

    You know you guys all stumbled upon this.

  9. light

    the inverted shower is an impractical idea, also it seems like itd be annoying to take a shower with water flying into ur ass and face from below

  10. phil

    Agree with Dr. Octagonapus. Also hurr.

  11. Chris

    WTF is up with the rabbit head?

  12. eric g

    Donkey mask is optional.

  13. David

    Also, it would be hard to wash your hair if it was covered by a rabbit’s head

  14. Megan

    That gas mask shower seems to be an expression of irony about the gas showers during the Holocaust. Just plain creepy.

  15. Smarter Than Hazzard and Friends

    The inverted shower doesn’t spray straight up. It sprays from a circle outside where you stand. The streams are slightly arced so that by the time gravity kicks in, the water is falling onto your head, from above. It does allow you to rinse the salt out of your hair.

    Sheesh, are you guys all inbred cousins or something?

  16. horizontal_hold

    an amazing waste of water in most cases….

  17. hee

    i would not want to see the gas mask one when im taking a shower late at night alone

  18. Carly

    there seems to be a trend with bad photoshop jobs and relatively cool (or at least sleek) showers…

    The industrial shower is sweet, but is there any temperature control? (Is that besides the point?)

  19. ooooh

    I wonder who that lady is in the last pic ^.^

  20. jjc_rock

    The inverted shower would suck if you had low water pressure!!….

  21. Sin

    if anyone noticed, crazy rabbit head lady has no belly button O.o

    someone wasnt paying attention in their editing job ahha

  22. Vic

    I like the inverted shower, but it’s going to be hard to use the pocket shower, especially when the shower is full of water already and you have to put it up a tree

  23. Jason

    You can’t waste water…

    …It get’s filtered and returned to the environment. If you use the shower all days there’s just as much water when you’re done as when you started. The only way to ‘waste’ it is to turn it into something else.

  24. kevin

    So beautiful,but I agree with Jason we can’t waste water

  25. tobto

    incredible fresh designs! how they were collected?

  26. Mairead

    I’m hungry!!!

  27. Jef

    i like the waterfall one.

  28. coolioman

    i agree with jef the waterfall one is insane

  29. jinxx

    @wtyang24: “the gas mask one is kinda saw-ish, but overall a good collection.”

    at least you didn’t write “jew”-ish… ^^

    creepy thing.

  30. JK


  31. ben

    amazing !!

  32. Still Doesnt Understand The Inverted Shower

    Even if the water does arc up above ones head, there’s not enough pressure there to wash anything anyway

  33. Tom

    THe shower makes me think Mass extermination of the JEWS (sick!!!!!)

  34. l.c

    wow, stumble really opens up doors to new, weird useless things.

  35. Jack

    I like the inverted shower and since I’m bald I can just have fun with water shooting up my butt as long as I get a strong enough stream to reach my bald head I’ll be okay with that.

  36. DJ - India

    Really amazing! Feel like Natural Mountain Water Fall…

  37. jay r

    i think these people should forget about showerheads and design something else. no one’s rich enough to buy these anyway. (except maybe the bag full of water hanging from a tree)

  38. Fecal shower

    So the inverted shower sprays up me bum and redistributes said bum water from the head down, by gravity?

  39. rafael sr.

    if you are an economist,buy the pocket shower!

  40. Tiffany

    The Eco drop shower scares me, slightly. I’d like to have the spa shower…
    Omgosh what If your friend got that gas mask one installed in your bathroom as a surprise you didn’t know and walked into your dark bathroom with that thing staring at you…o.0 creeepy

  41. krafty

    haha some neat showers, one with the light would be cool o.o

  42. annonymous

    Every time I look at the gas mask one, I relate it to the gas shower rooms from the Holocaust. I would definitely not want to shower in there. How else can a gas mask relate to a shower? Not cool.

  43. CrisAmaGiss

    You know, most rich people would waste their money on shower heads like these. Too bad they don’t know about stumbleupon

  44. Amarantha

    @Jason: “You can’t waste water…
    …It get’s filtered and returned to the environment.”

    Only if it rains.

  45. Buttons

    I never thought I’d see a post dedicated to shower heads, but this is really cool information.

  46. Bonus

    Some amazing looking shower, wow..I would love the one with the green neon lights coming down!

  47. confused

    I am totally confused why with all these showers, most folks are focused on the upward one? All you many Hazzards…give it up!
    Gas mask one is creepy and too Auschwitz like (very tasteless), but I do like the glass ones and the watertile one. Nice examples!

  48. ACEqwerty

    Well I, for one, would LOVE the gask mask one… and can’t believe that I read all of these freakin’ comments!?!?

  49. considerablysmarterthanhazzard

    If you have taken the time to read the comment below the inverted shower you would see that it says the shower shoots water up to 4 meters in height, and the picture clearly shows water reaching over the person’s head. What goes up, must come down, and seeing as no one stands over 4m tall, this is how you wash your hair in an inverted shower.

  50. Random Kid

    Best. Comment debate. EVAR.

  51. Nessa

    The gas mask one is creepy and reminds me of that Dr.Who episode – yeah. Creepster.

    Anyway, love the “The Aquavolo Shower” and the 180 one.
    Very awesome collection

  52. B. Bautista

    @Jason, I agree with Amarantha, “only if it rains” can water get filtered back into the environment. Obviously you are not from Southern California – Los Angeles (where I live). It rains so seldom here, that when it does, it is the top story on the news. Our water must be brought in from other places. Soon, we will be rationing water. Many lawns will turn brown, homes and businesses will charged a penalty for going over reduced monthly allowances, restaurants will stop giving away water at the tables…so yes, one can waste water.

  53. iLoveShowering

    bad note to end such a funny conversation on.
    these showers are amazing, if i was rich, i would buy the one with the most water deposited per second.
    But i am also quite attracted to the lights.

    not a realistic decision i am going to have to make any time soon though really is it.

  54. Dan

    Objects of real beauty!

    One of our clients specified a kitchen mixer tap that cost over £600… I was visiting the house when it arrived on site, there was a pair of white gloves presented when you first open up the box! Me and the builders just laughed…

    It was a very nice tap though.

  55. jeeda

    the gas mask one is not that scary
    its just a friggin gas mask. that are used so you dont breathe in gas jeez
    you can smoke a bong out of a friggin gas mask
    oh nooo i shouldnt because its scary come onnn

  56. Dizzy Dee

    Such a cool collection. I also stumbled this – its very creative! Would love one of the modern types in my home!

  57. lmao @ Hazzard & Friends

    all really kewl ideas my wife may need a real gas mask though

  58. Interesting Insights

    awesome designs. might buy one of those portable shower bags

  59. godilovestumble

    you people are the reason i enjoy the stumble button.

  60. JB

    I have the WaterTile at home and it ROCKS

  61. crackgerbal

    the gas mask shower head is seriously creepy, reminiscent of the holocaust.

  62. cheezeflicker

    that eco drop thing where it rises when youve been in the shower a while would really cheez me off like MEGA because if your half way through washing your hair and it does that then you would spend like ages trying to wash your hair when standing on a very uncomfortable surface. :( . i totally want that waterfall one tho.

  63. StumbleUpon FTW

    Thank you, StumbleUpon!
    Awesome collection, guys.

    Oh, and if you are reading this, and you just read all of the comments above (like me!), then, I hate to break it to you, but you probably have no life… Sorry!

    Cool designs, I love the one with lights! It might stop me from falling asleep in the shower…

  64. Amazing

    I just read all of these comments. I must say I think my life has just been expanded by viewing these showerheads and comments. I hope my girlfriend still loves me. I love stumble.

  65. Dave

    I’d hate to think how expensive these all are, but its a shame ive already fitted my bathroom out :(

  66. ijustreadallthesecomments!

    wow these are amazing
    i like the gas mask and lighted one and most of them lol

  67. Smaterthaneveryonethatcommented

    If you were smart people, you would of read the first few comments and skipped to the bottom. The gas mask can be creepy if you see it that way, but remember…ITS JUST A GAS MASK ITS NOT GOING TO DO ANYTHING TO YOU! For those who think the inverted shower is stupid, well its not because clearly it get her head, which is why she has the bunny head on…to prove a point that it wont just shoot in your butt! As for the pocket shower, I would think they make it that way to make it portable so you can use any water source!! Plus just because its not going on you doesnt mean its being wasted, especially if tied to a tree because it will water the plants, so its not being wasted if its helping the earth!! Thus, ny comment is said.

  68. Hihey

    If only it’s isnt expensive for people in the philippines to implement these kinds of showers, ever house will have it. Filipinos love to take a bath (atleast once a day)

  69. Sorry to keep going on about it...

    But the inverted shower shoots water up *four metres* and then expects it to come down on your head? And it’s for using outside?

    I would *love* to watch someone trying to use one of those in a breeze.

  70. kent

    Shopped. Every one.

  71. Gabriel Gadfly

    I like the look of a lot of these, but the one with the “rising concentric circles” is just useless.

  72. Lucky

    Wow, some great shower heads there. That one with the light beam, is awesome.

  73. intrigued

    How do you get tiles to bend to that shape.

  74. Thomson

    nice job, but I have seen better modern showers elswhere…

  75. Rose

    My cousin has showers very similar to the round glass showerheads except in stainless steel. It was an idea he came up with himself. Not suprised to see it has been done before. Love the idea though! :)

  76. kadal

    may be we shoul do handstand to use inverted shower…:P

  77. youngin`

    i think the glass shower head is prety cool. i also think the worlpool/overhead light one and the light shower are prety creative al well :)

  78. yes.

    i like the one with water.

  79. someone

    thank you everyone for keeping me entertained with all the comments.
    @dane. love your $600 tap story.
    @almost every one. love your comments about the inverted shower.

  80. i need some help

    sorry..can anybody tell me who is the inventor of first head in research of shower culture and shower head developments

  81. jaquan

    the lighted shower head is really cool…..yea

  82. skylar

    i have that one with the green light its bad @ss

  83. utarinda

    Drops Lighted Shower , i’ll change into blue :D

  84. nate

    glass that has lights in it for shower

  85. Sarah

    The gas mask shower looks CREEPY! Reminds me of that scary move: My Bloody Valentine..ehhh!!!! I would never want that in my shower! no no no! What’s up with the rabbit hat too??

  86. kurtis

    Fabulous and creative

  87. Lucinda

    the gas mask shower would scare me, especially at night
    the pocket shower is stupid.
    However, the rest are cool, especially the Geo 180, the trio, and the glass shower.

  88. Ga-lo

    These are all neato concepts! Even if they aren’t practical in my bathroom or outdoor showering life, it’s so cool people keep thinking of new ways to make old things aesthetically pleasing. I think the inverted shower has been mislabeled. That is actually a bidet for Americans. Thats why it’s so big. Sorry everyone else even if our bodies aren’t all really that fat our heads are!

  89. Leonie

    The last one will be a problem at the beach. It shoots water up to 4 meters high, but what about a windy day? The water will be all over the place, accept for where you’re standing…?

  90. smarterthananyonecreated

    Hurr Durr

  91. Nikolai Reznov

    How would the Eco Drop Shower force you to get out? Couldn’t you just stand around the circles?

  92. Jason

    They are all great during the first few rounds, then you reflect and wish your conservative nature kicked in and simply selected the eco-friendly waterfall style.

  93. smiso ntombela

    Am interested on Gas Mask Shower & Drop Lighted Shower but not sure where to get them and what are they (brand), will someone assist?

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