Beautiful Motorcycle Inspired Bike

Beautiful Motorcycle Inspired Bike

Shocker Chopper, designed by the creative minds at Team Tentakulus, will make you look cool on the road without the need to spend money on gas.

Motorcycle Inspired Bike

Motorcycle Inspired Bicycle

Shocker Chopper Motorcycle Inspired Bike

Shocker Chopper Motorcycle Inspired Bicycle

Shocker Chopper Bicycle

Shocker Chopper Bike

Shocker Chopper by Team Tentakulus

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  1. Megan

    Looks cool and good for the environment. Love it!

  2. Jeff Davis

    too friggn cool, i want one…

  3. Jorge Lima

    And brakes, don’t need? lol

  4. J Stdy Rockn

    way cool bro, i would definitely buy one.

  5. Corey Grusden

    2 words: How and much

  6. Photography Blog

    Awesome…very nice design!

  7. SJ

    Made of WANT!

  8. mostafa

    cool idea

  9. Phil

    It’s the Harley Davidson of bicycles: overweight, uncomfortable, won’t go round corners, and the brakes don’t work. But hey, you’ll look cool.

  10. @jorgeamado

    cool i’dont know is confortable… but i like it! how much in Argentina?

  11. Sjo

    Okay, where is the buy now button?

  12. Oliver

    yes … cool design but not without brakes ;)

  13. kelven cheah

    love design

  14. cosicott

    what happens when you come to an uphill?

  15. caferino

    maybe there are brakes. Like in old bicycles: you need to push the treadles in other direction.

  16. Greg


    I was thinking the same thing, looking at the posture of the rider is giving me back pain. I think the brakes are just backpedal-fixie brakes, so no big deal, but this is 15kph max ride.

    It definitely has a nice aesthetic, but it’s not for city roads(a pothole could paralyze you), just low-traffic highways.

    Since the handlebars are over the cranks, there’s no standing on the pedals to make hills. This bike is made of as much fail as it is win.

    I think some recumbent tech needs to make it into this design and it might be made viable, until then, it’s for hipster dufus types who can afford to buy stupid.

  17. lex

    specialized has that beat (except for price)

  18. Andy

    I think it would be cool to have a handshifter on it. 1 speed up and down hills would get kinda tiresome

  19. trolomatic

    they really need to have designers take some rudimentary physics and human kinetics classes. With the seat position you are not using proper muscles working the pedals and you would be putting a lot of extra work on your buttocks by having to stretch your legs out to make a full rotation on the pedals. Also by distributing the weight to make the back heavy, you will be severely sacrificing speed, and requiring much more work in order to give the bike forward momentum.

    Why do designers think they can just ignore physics in order to come up with “clever” design. Everyone already knows the Harley design has comfort in mind, but wastes a ton of gas and energy in comparison to other bikes.

    but its cool and hip, so some douche will buy it, and the world of impractical design can continue

  20. delere

    Looks cool but uncomfortable…like a crotch rocket.

  21. Karen

    i think its just a cool look, not actually meant to be used… like the concept designs… or like collector items.

  22. Sam

    looks very cool….whoever has created this insipred bike, i like its design concept…

    Some disadvantages of this is
    -not meant to be used on roads
    -does not have any breaks


    -great for fun
    -1 seating person

  23. Chuck Jism

    Maybe it has back pedal brakes?

  24. paintbot

    hey-when you look that cool, who needs brakes?
    also, trolomatic said “buttocks” tehehehe :D
    i would buy if not just because it looks cool.

  25. Jessica

    Honestly, I think this bike is kinda ugly. Props to whoever took the pictures and the dude sitting on the bike, because I think that’s what makes this bike look soooo much cooler than it is.

  26. Guilermo

    For all of those that keep asking about the breaks. This is a fix gear setup meaning that you break when you stop the pedals from spinning.

  27. doruk

    That’s really cool! I wish I had one

  28. Zero34

    For those complaining about posture, there’s a reason they refer to these bikes as “beach cruisers” and as mentioned, brakes aren’t needed on a single gear bike, just like old school BMX bikes.

    with that said,i’d ride this along the boardwalk ANY day!

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