Furniture for Small Apartments

Furniture for Small Apartments

Modern space-saving bed with integrated bookshelves, entertainment center, walk-in closet, and storage compartments.

“The Living Cube” was designed and constructed by Till Koenneker for his studio apartment in Bern, Switzerland.

It has enough room for a vinyl collection, television, clothing, and shoes.

Apartment Storage

Studio Apartment Bed

Living Cube by Till Koenneker

The Living Cube by Till Koenneker

The Living Cube

Living Cube

Storage Bed

Till Koenneker

Studio Apartment Storage

Storage Unit

Storage Cube

The Living Cube

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  1. Michele

    Brilliant use of space if you have the ceiling height.

  2. Rafeek

    very good space management

  3. Nido

    this is pretty cool!

  4. Divinity

    Love this kinds of ideas. Was looking for something like this but sadly don’t have the ceiling height to do it.

  5. Matt

    Forgetting all the space benefits for a minute, it’s looks really stylish

  6. Dominic

    God forbid if there’s a fire, seem like the sprinkler above the bed ‘might’ get you wet lol…

    Love the design tho

  7. Betty

    This look great. I’m just wondering how it would get built in the tiny rooms I used to live in for so many years: walk-ups, small doorways and dorms. Honestly, it seems better suited to a loft space.

  8. Gert

    Arguably if there is a fire, under the sprinkler is EXACTLY where I’d like to be Dom :D

    This is a great idea. I wish I’d had something like this for my first apartment as it was much needed.

  9. David

    The cord running into the interior in one photo seems to indicate there might be no interior lighting unless you bring your own.

    Awesome design otherwise though. It shouldn’t be too difficult to wire in a light or two though.

  10. Ru

    ha, great timing- I’m totally planning to put together something like this when I move into the big room in my flat. I have to share it as group living space, so I like the idea of all my junk in a cube, but I planned to have a front of bookshelves that open secret style to reveal a hidey-hole/more storage. This one wouldn’t work for me as I don’t have an open end, it’s in an alcove.

  11. Matt

    It is a neat & very stylish concept but what I want to know is where I can buy a rug like that one, that looks like its been cut out of a tree. Any help out there?

  12. Matt

    Nice use of space and very stylish! I wonder what the assembly time was (and for that matter, what the disassembly time would be when it was time to move).

  13. Nerrisa

    it’s very nice concept and it’s good to use in dorm but i wish the closet is not open since it would be embarrassing if they can see my personal belonging…


    maybe they could do like a sliding door to hide the clothing and the shoes cupboard and leaves in sight the tv and the bookshelves

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