14 Unique Contemporary Wall Clocks

14 Unique Contemporary Wall Clocks

Contemporary wall clocks and unusual clock designs from all over the globe.

Trace of Time Clock

This cool planning clock for office or studio not only tells the time, but also provides a place for users to make notes.

Trace of Time Clock

Currency Wall Clock

Contemporary wall clock made with a real one dollar bill.

Currency Wall Clock

Whiteboard Clock

Now you can be creative and design your own clock every day with this dry erase board clock.

Whiteboard Clock

Turntable Clock

Unique clock created using an old recycled Fischer turntable and a Doobie Bothers album, Minute by Minute, which is replaceable.

Turntable Clock

Money Box Clock

This awesome clock will show you time and save your money.

Money Box Clock

On Time Wall Clock

Cool wall clock features a minute hand which is bent forward, so it always shows the time 3 minutes later than it is.

On Time Wall Clock

Homer Simpson Clock

This cool Homer Simpson Rotating Eyes wall clock is designed for fans of The Simpsons, and for fans of beer.

Homer Simpson Clock

Whatever Wall Clock

Use this clock to show the chronologically obsessed around you that you live life on your terms.

Whatever Wall Clock

Black and White Clock

Each figure has self-contained power supply and independent control, it can be fixed to any surface autonomously.

Black and White Clock

Target Clock

Designed by Simon Lumb, this clock uses different colours to indicate the hand positions.

Target Clock

Bike Wheel Clock

Creative clock made from an old recycled aluminum bike wheel.

Bike Wheel Clock

Sushi Wall Clock

Handmade sushi inspired clock arranged in an actual sushi tray.

Sushi Wall Clock

Fan Clock

Designed by Stanislav Katz from Latvia, this wall clock features colored space between the hour and minute hands that looks like a traditional folded hand-fan.

Fan Clock

Catena Wall Clock

Designed by Andreas Dober, this wall clock harkens back to traditional mechanical clocks. Copper digits mounted onto a bicycle chain place emphasis on the cyclical nature of time.

Catena Wall Clock

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  1. unDave

    Now this are amazing!

    -by unDave™

  2. Reilly


  3. Reilly

    Whatever clock… I’ve seen them before, my doctor has one in her office.

  4. Matt

    I love that Catena Wall Clock

  5. Eugene

    Catena WallClock is awesome !!! ^_^

  6. Kolin

    catena wall clock > *

  7. charubhashini

    everything really looks kewl!


  8. li

    the last one is awesome!

  9. Sudeep

    Awesome! I love the digits that can be mounted anywhere.

  10. Sílvia

    Catena Wall clock is definatelly different! Awesome!

  11. Critical Eye

    I dunno, most of these are really bland… how is the “Dollar Bill Clock” an example of good design? (Heck, the placement of the hands obscures the most iconic part of the bill.)

    These clocks are novelties, at best… with some exceptions; the On Time clock at least tries to make a statement about time.

  12. JGarrido

    I’m pretty sure the On Time Wall Clock is showing the time 3 minutes early, not late (typo on the source’s site also).

  13. Me

    The Catena wall clock is amazing. :) Really like the design. The one dollar bill is really bad though, someone just stuck a clock mechanism through it, what’s so creative about that?

  14. delere

    Love the Catina clock – sort of steampunky. Nice

  15. FoxyBoxers

    i love the catena clock, and the whiteboard one is just EPIC.

  16. Hillie

    i love the black and white clock!! it has style.

  17. Bim

    some brilliant clocks… love the whiteboard and homer simpson clocks.

  18. Dane


  19. Michela

    awesome ideas!! Like the whatever clock and the catena wall clock is also very cool!!

  20. Sona

    Superb Clocks…. Cool imagination….
    Money Box Clock is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!

  21. Michael

    the whatever clock is cool

  22. javad pourhosaini

    so creative

  23. oyik

    Catena is the best clock for me ,.. .:)

  24. javad

    Whiteboard & catena are the best

  25. Torjan

    The target clock design is poor… no one can know what time it is if both the hands come together…

    Say u wake up in the middle of the night..

    U cannot find time if the clock is at 12, 1.05, 2.10 etc… because all causes a blank screen.. they should modify the design….

  26. ChEeSe

    LoL i loved the “whatever” one

  27. INGAAS :

    we always use LED digital wall clocks at home because they have very readable characters “

  28. Victoria

    I love the whiteboard clock! I think it would look more sophisticated, however, if you just leave alone the two time-indicating handles. the sushi clock looks awesome!

  29. wonderer

    yeah. question. if that DESIGN a clock thing happen to knock over or somthing how are you supposed to know what time it is if you erase it EVERYDAY?

  30. random

    the catena clock is very random yet confusing

  31. gahludlam

    I like clocks.

  32. Kc

    Did anyone see the catena clock cost around 2500 $

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