Interactive T-Shirts from Japan

Interactive T-Shirts from Japan

Series of creative t-shirts with interactive elements designed by Noto-Fusai.

Blinds T-Shirt

Unusual t-shirt comes with a string which you can pull to open the blinds.

Blinds T-Shirt

Umbrella T-Shirt

Features a handle on the shoulder and a snap button that can be fastened.

Umbrella T-Shirt

Power Pole T-Shirt

Cool t-shirt with printed utility pole allows you to play with electrical wires.

Power Pole T-Shirt

Reversi T-Shirt

Interactive t-shirt inspired by a popular Japanese family game Reversi.

Reversi T-Shirt

Drain Plug T-Shirt

Comes with attached ball chain that allows you to remove the plug.

Drain Plug T-Shirt

Shoulder Bag T-Shirt

This creative t-shirt features a real belt connected to a plastic ring.

Shoulder Bag T-Shirt

Faucet T-Shirt

White satin ribbons are sewn on to help express the flow of tap water.

Faucet T-Shirt

Open Book T-Shirt

Unique t-shirt comes with its own pen that you can use to take notes.

Book T-Shirt

Vacuum T-Shirt

Creative design features a vacuum cleaner that is sucking up the t-shirt.

Vacuum T-Shirt

Tricycle T-Shirt

Ribbons attached to both handles will remind you of your childhood.

Tricycle T-Shirt

Shoelace T-Shirt

Feel free to leave your shoelaces untied, you will not fall over.

Football T-Shirts

Shoe T-Shirt

Shoelaces T-Shirt

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  1. KKL

    The Blinds one could be sexy :D

  2. Art of Concept

    Cool designs! Some T-shirts are really really creative! I particularly like the shoelace tee. :D

  3. P-kun

    The Open-Book t-shirt is AWESOME! :D!!

  4. MMM

    The shoe lace one would be a great way to help little ones learn to tie their shoes. They are all very fun and creative!

  5. Karin L.

    Cute for kids!

  6. Paul

    Hand wash/Dry clean only I’m guessing?


    Lol KKL I was thinking that too. xD

  8. James Anzalone

    Ohh!! I like this. I want some

  9. robin

    Very cool t-shirt designs. I love the tricycle shirt. :)

  10. MiKi

    all the t-shirts design are so creative.. i prefer the Blinds T-shirt most… are these t-shirts for sale?? any idea where to get these Malaysia?

  11. Utsi

    Love all of them………… ;)

  12. Jae Xavier

    lol! ill wear the shirts to the club!

    thanks for posting!

  13. John

    wow..that’s amazing…a classic and preppy appeal…I hope I can find one here in the Philippines…

  14. jubs :B

    i love it! really really creative! :D

  15. flip


  16. monalisa

    how much?

  17. Lutella

    Where can i buy this t-shirt?

  18. hansaem

    That’s really cute novelty

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