14 Unusual and Creative Handbags

14 Unusual and Creative Handbags

Creative purses and unusual handbag designs from all over the world.

PeaceKeeper Handbag

In an age when it is difficult to avoid terror take charge of the streets and look fashionable with a PeaceKeeper handbag.

PeaceKeeper Handbag

Cassette Tape Handbag

Creative cassette tape bag, complete with handles that look like the tape is unraveling.

Cassette Tape Handbag

Pursuader Handbag

For the girl on the move this bag features a handy cell phone compartment inside the clip.

Pursuader Handbag

Zipper Handbag

Black leather clutch bag covered in zip pullers with wrist strap.

Zipper Handbag

Rubik’s Cube Handbag

Unusual Rubik’s Cube handbag by Jean-Charles de Castelbaja.

Rubiks Cube Handbag

Watermelon Handbag

Creative handbag design inspired by a watermelon slice.

Watermelon Handbag

Gun Handbags

Prada’s Lady K handbags were designed by Dutch artist Ted Noten.

Prada Gun Handbags

LEGO Brick Bag

Each LEGO “stud” is a separate zippered compartment.

LEGO Brick Bag

Boot Bag

By simply making a hole in a rubber boot, the designer has created this original bag.

Boot Bag

Xposed Handbag

Handbag that subtly reveals the real you, as well as your spiked collar, Jack Daniels, and snub-nose revolver.

Xposed Handbag

Heel Shoe Handbag

Beautiful leather handbag design with looped handle strap.

Heel Shoe Handbag

Keyboard Handbag

Creative bag made from hundreds of computer keyboard keys.

Keyboard Handbag

Boombox Handbag

Comes with detatchable, extendable shoulder strap. Zip up top. Fully lined with small inside pocket.

Boombox Handbag

Tinkerbell Handbag

Based on Paris Hilton’s discarded pet Tinkerbell is an upside down dead Chihuahua. This design capitalizes on the trend of carrying a small dog as a fashion accessory.

Tinkerbell Handbag

Head Handbag

Creative head-shaped bag design by Israeli designer Yael Mer.

Head Handbag

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  1. jelly_Ace

    I want the Xposed handbag!!!

  2. sunrainey

    Carrying Pursuader Handbag, you should carefully police!^_^

  3. Penny K

    Keyboard Handbag so Cool! Like it, want it ….

  4. OI Web Designer

    hohoho Pursuader Handbag is unique, i like it

  5. A.s.A

    I like the last one …
    Really looks natural …

  6. Kirvi Inci

    There are a couple of those that you would not be able to carry around on a daily basis. Atleast not here where I live, you would get shot!

  7. Manish Ahuja

    I like the Keyboard and the exposed bag :)

  8. Marnie

    well if you get shot you can always hit them back with your Head Bag

  9. Hossam

    I like PeaceKeeper very cool

  10. hooohooo

    the face one is creepy!

  11. so

    the boot bag is hilarious
    imagine putting your hand in your shoe every time you want to take something out or put something in!

  12. Eturn

    The PeaceKeeper is HOT!!!! I’ve got just the right leather mini and heels to set it off just right!

  13. seaya


  14. Vanessa

    haha i have the Xposed bag! its not that one excacly but a smaller version!

  15. aaliyah barbie bux

    woah!!!!! i want that Prada handbag!!!! OMP!!!!!! HEHEHE but the head hand bag is vrek scary omn!!!

  16. cat

    awesome! love the upside down dog and the one w/ gun…almost look like the work of one student designer from Antwerp Royal Academy this year

  17. mio

    i like bags!!!!

  18. shubu

    these bags disgust me!

  19. yah...

    i like xposed handbag

  20. chak

    may i noe..how to get this bag in malaysia.which place that you sells in malaysia.

  21. Ebrahim

    The Best . I Want PeaceKeeper Handbag

  22. lollipop

    i would totally get the watermelon handbag. :)

  23. Chen

    i like the tape , it is so cool

  24. Vencent.S

    The Keyboard Handbag is very cool~

  25. blah blah

    they are very interesting

  26. Larna

    i want Cassette Tape Handbag! so funky!

  27. Emily

    One of these will be great for my textiles project!

  28. ChEeSe

    im kinda dissapointed! i expected more than that. but they were okay:(

  29. steven

    girls galore

  30. Shopoholic

    I love these and i find them amazing, i would especially love the shoe and the keyboard key bags because they inspired me to get one! GORGOUSE.

  31. jaqi mugo

    Boombox, cassette tape <3

  32. Leslie

    I own the cassette bag and the exposed bag. Bought it a couple years ago. They’re not really handbags, more like those tote bags for groceries, which is exactly what I use mine for.

    I want that Lego Boot Bag. Anyone know where I can get one?

  33. linda norton

    how can i purchase any of these bags they are amazing

  34. niss

    head bag… creepy

  35. lovely

    i love the keyboard handbag it looks so real !

  36. KateH

    the last 1 very creepy… good bag to carry during Halloween.

    the Xposed bag is cool and the Prada’s gun bag is awesome!

  37. barbaraS

    Prada’s Lady K handbags. Luv Prada and the style of the bags but with all the shootings taking place, in the US, Canada, across the water, the gun image seems pretty dangerous.

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