Watermelon Handbags from Russia

Watermelon Handbags from Russia

Inspired by a watermelon slice, this creative handbag is the perfect fashion accessory for the summer.

For now, watermelon bags are only available in Russia.

Watermelon Handbags

Watermelon Handbag

Watermelon Bag

Watermelon Bags from Russia

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  1. mojo

    haha nice
    .., yay no iphone stuff for weeks

  2. Rob

    Nice looking.I like it.

  3. Jaqi Mugo

    Yum! :)

  4. G.Coxy

    Great ideal It’s a nice look for the summer

  5. amanhem

    great great and again great :)

  6. JosephSmith


    i would like to get one of these for my gf for her birthday but i cannot find anyway to obtain them please help!!!!!!!!

  7. ada

    Nice looking.I like it.

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