Fat Superheroes

Fat Superheroes

Overweight superheroes featured in a series of illustrations by Alex Solis.

“Famous Chunkies” – fat versions of Superman and other superheroes.

Fat Iron Man

Alex Solis

Fat Captain America

Alex Solis Fat Superhero

Fat Hulk

Alex Solis Fat Superheroes

Fat Wonder Woman

Alex Solis Superhero

Fat Thor

Fat Superhero

Fat Green Lantern

Artist Alex Solis

Fat Deadpool

Alex Solis Famous Chunkies

Fat Wolverine

Famous Chunkies

Fat Robin

Alex Solis Superheroes

Fat Batman

Overweight Superhero

Fat Spider-Man

Overweight Superheroes

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  1. Swiper Fox

    When together, don’t let them jump at the same time.

  2. Jahangir

    Fat spider-man will break the rope, be careful :D

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