School of Art and Design Creativity Test

Creativity Test

Clever advertising campaign for Panamericana School of Art and Design encourages people everywhere to test their creativity.

The objective is to draw as many things as possible that originate from X’s or O’s. How far does your creativity go?

Advertising Agency: AlmapBBDO, São Paulo, Brazil

Creativity Test 2

Creativity Test 3

Creativity Test 4

Creativity Test 5

Creativity Test 6

Creativity Test 7

Creativity Test 8

Creativity Test 9

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  1. Richi

    I love this idea.

  2. kate

    oooo very exciting

  3. Fred

    Glad I’m not the only one who saw the circles and thought “boobs”.

    Wish the restaurants I frequented had place mats like that!

  4. loki

    It’s simple but powerful!

  5. ♥ witch

    I wish I can get a paper like that on some restaurants here too. And the shirts. I love the idea. Brings out the creativity in you! :)

  6. bbsporty

    What a great article. Great for doodling.

  7. RESAIKI.....

    hats off to people’s creativity!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    whew!!!!!!!! they cud thk so much out of the box!!!!!!!

  8. James Titus

    Very good article, thih page School of Art and Design Cr was interesting.

  9. Greg

    I am very jealous that I didn’t think of this. Simply Brilliant.

  10. Me

    So cool!

  11. yogashi


  12. ezKiel

    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o
    o o o o o o o o o o o o o

  13. Beezy

    this is a fantastic idea!
    they should have this everywhere…
    esp in venice beach, ca and lower east side nyc

  14. OI Web Designer

    i think, ART is mysterius…

  15. aaron

    i expected to see more swastikas

  16. philipturpin

    What a brilliant yet simple idea.

    They should sell plain apparel over the web and get it going viral.

  17. sunrainet

    if I do, a piece of paper may not be able to complete painting,Next to my students’ homework, use it!

  18. Chris

    This is extremely elegant in its simplicity. I love it.
    I wonder if anyone knows of any similar tests for other forms of creativity as well (this one really focuses on visual creativity only)? If you do, please post below or tweet me @chriscfox.

  19. Tony

    You guys should’ve included some printable X and O sheets here for us fans to print out and muck around with.

  20. Kelli

    Interesting…I am a graduate of the School of Visual Arts in Manhattan, and this is a very similar concept to many of the assignments in our required Media Communications course. Richard Wilde has actually published books of the results titled Visual Literacy.

  21. Ardi

    This is amaaaziiing :D
    Printer, black artament and paper zize A4. :D (for the beginners (H)) :D

  22. John

    C’mon, Tony. Use your imagination. I bet you can figure out how to print a page of X and O.

  23. Hima

    i love the idea :D

  24. Baldur

    stupid idea Oo

  25. charly

    HA! I like how people thought to draw boobs for both X’s and O’s… awesome.

  26. serg

    This is fricking awesome!

  27. Ash

    I had to do this as a test in 2nd grade, to get into a special program at school. Only like 10 students from our grade got excepted into the program for their creativity. I was one of them :]

  28. Ash

    Another idea is to use two parallel lines, btw

  29. maryam

    very nice ,i use this idea to my girl for learn painting

  30. Larsson

    i really hope that there are some available sheets like this to print!!!

  31. frank

    I’m surprised I didn’t see one swastika

  32. Lana

    This is absolutely fascinating!! :D

  33. banane_verte

    0_0 !! XD

  34. crotchfist!

    i’d love to get some fliers or posterboards like this.
    nobody in my city is creative enough to make something like this happen,
    nor know what to do with it, so i’d like to show a creative
    side for the city.
    very excellent idea.

  35. Daniela


  36. Carlos EJT Vázquez

    It’s my Desktop Publishing School!

  37. anon

    yay boobs

  38. louisville

    i wish i had thought of this.

  39. pixeldope

    great thats nice…

  40. Nadia Figueoa

    LOVED it. LOL

  41. aki

    haaaaahaaa great… looks like my everyday scratchbook called collegeblock ^^

  42. Alec

    It’ll be great until some people who think they’re funny start drawing swastikas. Then it’ll just turn into another eyesore for everyone who passes by.

  43. Gusto

    XO the idea

  44. moneybrown

    Damn this is so cool. i enjoy this kind of new neat and creative stuff!! very very cool

  45. Jason

    banane_verte, I see what you did there!


    But seriously, it’s so simply awesome!

  46. Jason

  47. Oleg

    :) lol Very nice idea for check our creative mind.

  48. AkaTako

    Great! Really tests the artistic skills and the limits of creativity with the same thing over and over again.

  49. LuLu

    Wow! I love engaging advertisement. So creative.

  50. Khoa Phan

    Another thing to pour my creativity on. I love it minimalistic and elegant, also can’t get boring!

  51. KIMAS

    love the idea , simple and creative. Cool job

  52. Lizzy

    This reminds me of a game my friend and I used to play when we were younger. One of us would draw a simple abstract form and the other would have to turn it into a drawing of something.

  53. Mali Dharam

    Amazing, coool & very creative ideas.

  54. Fernanda

    That´s real creativity! Make an awesome work from a damn simple idea.

  55. Felix

    Very cool. Tim Brown from IDEO did something to this effect during a creativity talk awhile back. He involved the entire audience in a range of creativity exercises, and it was great!

  56. sir jorge

    that is so rad, i wish i could come up with cool ideas like that

  57. misaki

    Very cool idea.

  58. mike

    ill probably end up doing this at work, see how creative the people i work with really are… would be an interesting concept to see what people do in the middle of the street in a Banksy style

  59. at

    it’s really not that good of an idea.

  60. sh

    simply awesome!!!

  61. eM

    wow… this is simply superb…. i like it… :)

  62. dasfdg

    haha ive done this before for my visual arts class but it was many different shapes and lines instead of just circles and x’s…its actually really difficult

  63. Tobias

    This is an extremely old concept.

    At least 20 years old. In fact, when I was in first grade, about 20 years ago, when I took the tests to see if I should be put in advanced classes, this circle and X thing was part of it.

    I think I remember the woman giving the test telling my mother & I about who had devised this part of it,.. Probably someone saw something like that part of the test I took at one point, forgot they saw it, then later thought they thought of it first,… That happens a lot with humans.

    Some bigger versions were made at that same school and put on the walls of the hallway.

    It is, I guess, pretty neat however.

  64. Robert

    great way to spark creativity or at least pass time ;)

  65. andre felipe de medeiros

    I went to that school!

  66. gmancito

    very very good!!

  67. lupa

    i live here and i can say that most things like the wall pictures do not exist they are photoshoped.

  68. Paulo Caldas


    —> <——


  69. sir jorge

    wow, i’m not very talented cause I don’t know what to do with so many dots

  70. Sarah

    Love this idea. Will be sure to see how i do. =D

  71. Deborah

    Very Creative! It is so interesting to see all the ideas that you can come up with “x” and “o”. I am going to try it with my students and see what they come up with.

  72. whoisnot

    Ask for a good eraser and delete all the crosses and circles? Would that be zenlike creativity? :)

  73. Gaurav M

    so amazing!!

  74. erwin15155


  75. Xiara

    Its art.

  76. PsyArt

    I like (;

  77. Pam at

    Wow that’s neat. Obviously some very creative people got to test it out! Great pics!

  78. adolf

    all those crosses and not one goddam swastika?

    note to self – must try harder.

  79. tigerali

    I tought O O means boobs X X means nothing, well I’m wrong then these sign does means something. Guess what I drawn O O and X X the next things happen to me,…

  80. azali

    If you have nothing else to be creative about, this activity is fun. Just like kids doodling with pencil colors.

    However, some may not have the luxury to be luxurious spending the time.

  81. ankit tayal

    it is really fantastic & i think creativity has no limits……..

  82. jean

    This is so cool!

  83. RobbieLee

    This is fantastic! I’m know my readers will love it, so I’m going to do a blog post on you! Thanks!

  84. omar abusaad

    nice idea

  85. kixvix

    cool! simple idea but you get the point right away. cheers!

  86. bhavin

    simply awesome, I shall discuss this with my friends..

  87. sanju ayyar

    kick-ass stuff. bloody kick-ass.

  88. Ridhuan

    It gave me great joy to watch how simple and creative the advertising is. Public participation add more fun and effectiveness of the advertising.

  89. Luna

    This is such a neat idea! Im an artist too. I wonder if this can help me with new ideas. :)

  90. The Cute

    I think that it would be better if there were alternating shapes instead solid lines of one shape. For instance: (Circle) (Triangle) (X) (Square) (Star), etc. But if you were to do just the circle, triangle, x, square that would be a pretty cool ad campaign for Playstation. :)

  91. axel

    hope you i can get a copy of that!!!!!

    nice idea…….that’s what creativity mean

  92. Nicho Creativo

    Awesome, nice job to discover our mind, now, I can practice and comment about the exercise with my friends. Congratulations, excellent idea.

  93. Maryam Ansari

    unbeleiveable, This is fantastic!
    so so beutiful idea.
    that’s what creativity mean

  94. paola

    Great!, simple and a cool exercise to show your creativity :)

  95. jyoti

    nice………………….. :) :0)…

  96. Roony911

    Sorry for bringing this up but I’m surprised there’s no swastika for the X’s yet. :P

  97. Cory

    Very cool idea – took it for a spin and added a twist :)

  98. ankit

    really very very coollllll
    i like it very much

  99. rahel.s. borde

    really creative.. wow!

  100. chelsea

    for the big t shirt i would draw XD

  101. mollyky

    I’m doing my thesis on creativity and had planned to administer the TTCT to my class. This activity could definitely be a follow on. I’d love to see it on the wall of my school!!

  102. Meenu

    Brilliant idea!

    I have tried something similar.
    Having linear rows of dots or even random unevenly spaced dots, then trying to develop a shape by joining the dots. Probably u could use that as well

  103. JOY DAS

    I wana say just damn great!
    the peopels who did made this stuffs,i think those peoples are very very damn great creative peopels,this is what the creative peopels should be like….
    really man awsmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…..xxxxxxxxxx-me just loving this stuffs..great,great…\m/rocks man..

  104. MELIKA


  105. Jeffrey S

    This is a variation on a Torrance Creativity Test, though taken into interesting public formats, like napkins, walls, t-shirts. There is no evaluation, you go for it, so essentially it is not a test, though it allows the public to “take” the test without being marked. The results, in Torrance terms, are pretty average, but given that we are challenging ordinary people to try, average is fine.

  106. Nconseevable

    take it one step further, after creating each picture create a storyline that connects each picture to the next until you have a completely new and creative story.

  107. Nconseevable

    also drawing a squiggly line, free form shape… then stop, take a step back, turn the page every which way until you see a picture in the form, once you see the picture hold it firmly in your mind then follow the lines you visualize on the page… everyone can trace.

  108. dak

    how can i join the panamerican school of art and design?

  109. moeljadi pranata

    I love this. I tested the students with this tool. They worked on three different categories of images. My students could generate 45-50 images differ within 15 minutes. So they produce 3 x 45 different images. Creativity was fantastic!

  110. jeri

    Loved this I used this with young children I mentor, and they enjoyed it tremendously.

  111. Kira

    What does the black box say?

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