Branded Babies

Branded Babies

Creative photographs by Dietrich Wegner feature babies covered in logos.

Multicolored tattoos on infants are meant to represent how our identities evolve and how we declare them with popular brands.

Babies Covered in Logos

Babies Covered with Logos


Ad Baby

Branded Baby

Brand Baby

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  1. Ging


  2. Truthiness

    Wow, this is by far the worst thing that Toxel has ever posted. A baby with tattoo’s on it’s genitals? What sick person makes those images and who wants to see them?

  3. Normal Person

    You’re both idiots.

    Those are not actually tattoos on the babies. It was done with either temporary markers or with Photoshop as an art piece.

  4. Megan

    LOL, so many sensitive people. The tattoos are obviously not real [paint or photoshop].

    These photos were probably created to shock people and make them think about commercialism.

    Looks like it is working…

  5. Crazy Penguin

    disturbing and brilliant at the same time

  6. Julie

    HAHHAHA. Megan, you are so correct.

  7. Patrick

    I like the symbolism o-o

  8. Ging

    Gosh, of course they aren’t tattoos and that they aren’t real (as in washable) … what I find disgusting (& I still do) is that they used babies as models.

  9. woops

    @ Normal and Megan

    I’m pretty sure everyone is aware that it was Photoshopped/whatever. I still agree with Truthiness though: the idea of a person making these images are still disgusting. Funny, but disgusting.

  10. crzyninja

    Child abuse?

  11. Rapo

    A wonderful commentary about commercialism. :)

    I think it is disturbing, but what matters is it got its message across. PETA human meat are way more disturbing/disgusting, and it certainly got its message way across, which is great. :)

  12. Tenebre

    Relax, these are stunt babies hired to get inked. After the shoot was done they got free laser removal and are now almost free from the tats.

  13. Joas

    I think its really creative.

  14. argon-76

    No child abuse: children likely didn’t either notice about their tattoes…. Not much more than a game to them.
    Good idea, just to make adults think.
    So, let you all think too ;))

  15. Doink

    Child body painting (mostly on face) uses a special set of acrylics created from natural pigments, resulted from plants extracts. And actually they are sugar sweet if you taste it :)

    These “tattoos” look disturbing, but only to point out the fact we are willingly submitting our personality and being to the world brands, because… well.. there’s fashion, music, movies, food and other aspects of life we enjoy.

  16. Fábián Gábor

    I don’t think it’s child abuse. I’m sure no baby were harmed during the photo shooting. They were painted, and it seems that they feel comfortable.

    There are a lot of commercials with babies but this one is one of the best i’ve seen. The brands on their bodies represent that their are born in capitalism and they are already consumers of those brands.

  17. Art of Concept

    I don’t find this attractive to my eyes…I think it’s just weird.

    Commercialism? It could as well be the photographer’s goal to use big companies’ popularity on such controversial “subjects” for the sake of popularity…

  18. Rose

    How is that child abuse? To a baby, it’s a game and if anything it tickled.

    Babies are used as models ALL the time – magazines and adverts.

    The images are excellent. Really get the message across that people are using their children as another form of status.

    Excellent work.

  19. Hector Moreno

    Yes, its disgusting, but I think that is the objective of the message…

  20. cindy

    Not a good choice of subject matter. First reaction,”rather disturbing”

  21. Sum Dum Gai

    I’d like to see the “tatoos” when they grow up. They’d look all psychedelic and stretched out. Probably why most tattoo shops don’t allow kids.

  22. faraz

    I think it’s great! some ppl totally lost it and didn’t get the meaning! I don’t find any abuse as long as the logo are removable! it gets the massage across and that’s children grow up surrounded by all these brands and logos!

  23. Toasty O's

    Awesome reactions.

    To paraphrase:
    “I think this is horrible, because I am foolish enough to think that someone would actually do this.”

    Then they go home and dress their kid up as a Gab Baby model and tell all their friends how there are photos of branded babies on a website.

  24. Ty

    Putting fake tattoos on a child is child abuse? Then isn’t face painting a horrible crime to?

    Really people, grow up and find something legit to complain about.

  25. Eugene

    Face painting!??? where do you draw the line?>

  26. Deanna

    This is so thought provoking — I really think that this artist has succeeded. We should be disgusted by the commercialism and materialism in our society.

  27. V_Gabriele

    Brilliant concept. Good work.

  28. Reilly

    What’s disturbing is the shear stupidity of people. This is all meant to be a joke. A statement. They are not actual tattoos on the babies. That’s child abuse. This is simply somebody with a lot of time on their hands, a statement to make, and Adobe Photoshop.

  29. Laur

    Ha! I’ll bet those babies prefer a bit of facepaint to having a gun shoot bits of metal through their ears. Kids are always covering themselves in pen anyway.

    I’ve got more sympathy for whoever had to get the logos on them when they were wiggling about.

    Besides, I’m pretty sure one of them is plastic and the rest are shopped.

  30. Sam

    Haha, wow. Definitely a bit more of a risqué post Toxel made here.

  31. jaqi mugo

    Hi everyone,
    @ “Normal” person, don’t disrespect people please.

    I don’t know if you all read the caption above, the babies symbolize us, how as we grow up, so many brands influence our lives.

    From what I’m seeing they have used washable paint to make the point.
    To me they look like branded race cars!

    But it’s a powerful truth being communicated through the pics actually, advertising really does a lot to shape our lives.

  32. bob

    Not any more disgusting than parents dressing kids up in Polo Ralph Lauren etc. Super work.

  33. MrKev

    Fantastic piece, very creative and thought provoking at the same time. I don’t know how the images were created, whether the artist used Photoshop or actually painted the logo’s on but I’ve enough of a faith in my fellow man, along with a little sensibility, to assume they’re not tattoos. The message is clear, and the images have had a nice emergent property in existing as a great tool for exposing idiots.

  34. Raads

    @ Laur, nice way of explaining earrings :D
    i think its a ridiculous idea, but whoever thought of it must be a genius (great logic huh?)
    people shouldnt talk (or type) before they think, because for goodness sake, what kind of parent will LET their baby get tattooed?! and if there isnt parent conformation, i’m pretty sure thats illegal. and PETA in my opinian are a stupid company who use women in horrible ways. end of story

  35. timmay

    @ truthiness, it is photoshop or markers and they have sho there genitals

  36. GRock

    Eye-opening and very nicely executed. It’s the American way to associate your self with a brand. This piece is saying there is more to people that the things they buy. Obviously, this applies to children, too.

  37. jason

    Being disgusting is what makes it interesting and GOOD. You just don’t get it, do you?! You really can’t grasp that it’s your boringness that makes you just another comment vs. someone with attractive ideas.

  38. siana

    sad and true

  39. ChEeSe

    ummmmmmmmmm……………….. im wordless! that is the dumbest thing ever! that just makes the baby ugly!!

  40. ALP

    Creative! These provocative signals promote the photographer very clear.

  41. Rosie

    when i was looking at these photos it never crossed my mind that people would find this offensive.

    who cares. tattoos arent real

    the babies are used as models. but it doesnt matter because it isnt child abuse.

    like stfu.

  42. Arabian

    BAD :S

  43. Truthiness

    For all the morons, I am completely aware that they are not real tattoo’s, they are however the depiction of such and that is sick within itself. Who would think to alter a picture by adding a tattoo to the genitals of a baby? All you douches acting like you have some higher understanding of art because you “get it” need to shut up and get a life.

  44. Curt

    1. We all agree that they aren’t real. I’m proud of you for at least recognizing that.

    2. They show no genitals of any children…what are you talking about? These show less skin than standard family friendly television, including commercials.

    3. There is a statement to “get”, and you obviously don’t. This is not encouraging or condoning tattooing children, nor is it even trying to say that it’s cool or acceptable to do so.

    4. Funny how it’s the people who display a lack of intelligence, understanding, commonsense and logic that are the first to throw out insults like calling someone a “moron”. Something tells me it’s not just a coincidence!

  45. Spanki

    it is disgusting in the fact of what it means

    we live as brands so why not have it tattooed

    it’s sad to think we bring our children up in this brand orinated world

  46. Juge

    Those are noth actually babys, its aliens. i can tell from the wierd things on their bodys!

  47. Yes!-no -maybe:?

    I love babies.

    They are delicious! GET IN MY BELLY.

  48. chelsey

    i have a question how do u tattoo a baby??? while there up or what and is that considered child abuse??? just askin

  49. Critina

    Gross why would people do this to beibeies even if they werent real.. sick..

  50. itachi

    I think some of you are over reacting.
    1. they are not real: no harm done
    2. wtf is wrong with BABY models? babies are modeled in many baby/clothing/celebrity/car commercials and so on.
    3. you don’t tattoo a baby with real tattoos.
    4. you people over react over the smallest thing it is a “creative” thing. stated up in one to the captions says creative photographs, they aren’t advertising tattooed babies—–> “tattoo your children here!”.
    5. these fake tattoos are no different then throwing a ugly frilly dress on the babies and having them get big flower head bands stuck on their head.

    most of all i enjoy the art, and the fresh idea. than k you for sharing this with us Dietrich Wegner!

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