15 Cool Stickers for your iPhone

15 Cool Stickers for your iPhone

Unique and clever vinyl stickers that will spice up the look of your iPhone.

Leica M9 iPhone Sticker

Vinyl decal will make your iPhone 4 look like a Leica camera.

Leica M9 iPhone Sticker

Iron Man iPhone Sticker

This awesome vinyl sticker will put Iron Man on your iPhone 4.

Iron Man iPhone Sticker

Game Boy iPhone Sticker

iPhone 4 decal inspired by Game Boy game system from Nintendo.

Nintendo Game Boy iPhone Sticker

R2-D2 iPhone Sticker

Cool sticker designed for the fans of R2-D2 droid from Star Wars.

R2-D2 iPhone Sticker

SMS iPhone Stickers

Booklet of stickers with ego-stroking text messages printed on them.

SMS iPhone Stickers

Han Solo iPhone Sticker

Creative vinyl sticker inspired by Han Solo frozen in carbonate.

Han Solo Carbonite iPhone Sticker

Rainbow Apple Logo iPhone Sticker

Cool vinyl sticker inspired by the rainbow “bitten” Apple logo.

Rainbow Apple Logo iPhone Sticker

Fake Call iPhone Stickers

iPhone 4 stickers make it look like famous people are calling you.

Fake Call iPhone Stickers

End Call iPhone 4 Sticker

Creative sticker will help you solve iPhone 4’s antenna problems.

End Call iPhone 4 Sticker

Cassette Tape iPhone Sticker

Creative vinyl skin will make your iPhone look like a cassette tape.

Cassette Tape iPhone Sticker

NES Controller iPhone Sticker

Decorate your iPhone with a sticker inspired by an NES controller.

NES Controller iPhone Sticker

Homer Simpson iPhone Sticker

iPhone decal made of high quality, self-adhesive transparent vinyl.

Homer Simpson iPhone Sticker

Snow White iPhone Sticker

Colorful Apple iPhone decal coated with waterproof protective film.

Snow White iPhone Sticker

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  1. Bob

    the End Call one is hilarious and most creative!

  2. Brit

    HAHAHA they spelled Clinton’s name wrong. My favorites are the end call, iron man, and snow white.

  3. jumanicus

    i dont get the end call one, is it some sort of inside joke amongst iphone users?

  4. panubo

    @ jumanicus

    the iphone 4 has some problems with the connection, if you put your finger on the place of the sticker, you end the call.

  5. Will

    Well if held incorrectly, ie with your hand over the spot indicated with the end call sticker, then for some reason your signal strength goes wildly lower. The sticker it meant to stop you from holding the phone there and thus preventing the loss of signal problem.

  6. Doink

    These are really cool!


    No, they didn’t =)… Clit-on… get it? :))

  7. Bob

    @ Brit: Cliton was no typo, it was spelled with Monica intention……how young are you?

    ..and no response to the cassette tape sticker. Current iPhone4 fans have no idea…they flit from gadget to gadgets without a clue.

  8. chazzzz

    loving all of these

  9. Kirvi_Inci

    I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the cassette one!

    @Bob: Give me a minute! Us old timers take a while to get where we are going!

  10. Bill

    How about shattered glass.

  11. hersheylover

    those were so cool

    i want one!!!

  12. Reilly


    I love the “End Call.”
    I think that’s genius.

    I’d like it if a guy named CLITON called me.

    I love a little scandalous joke…

  13. rachael

    I can’t decide between the Iron Man and Snow White stickers. Very nice.

  14. ALP

    Some of these are meaningless and not that creative to me including Iron Man sticker. Notice the spelling error on the “Cli(n)ton” sticker.

    Otherwise the Leica M9 sticker is super cool.

  15. Pochi

    Simpson one is the best hahahaha

  16. esKAy

    awesome designs..
    but could someone tell me the diemensions for an iphone 4..
    like for the corners..i’ve got a sticker making machine but i cant do the corners :(

  17. waleed

    which iphone is that? what the girl is holding with the steve jobs sticker?

    bcoz it has front facing cam with flash!!

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