Scissor Spiders

Scissor Spiders

Christopher Locke makes unique and creative sculptures out of scissors that were confiscated at airport security checkpoints.

Talented artist disassembles the scissors, bents them, and then welds them back together into cool metal sculptures that look like spiders.

Scissor Spider

Steampunk Spider

Scissors Spider

Spider Made of Scissors

Christopher Locke Spider

Spider Sculpture


Confiscated Scissors

Christopher Locke

Steel Spider

Christopher Locke Scissor Spider

Scissor Spider by Christopher Locke

Scissor Spiders by Christopher Locke

Metal Spider

Spiders Made of Scissors

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  1. Enrico Martinez

    Christopher Locke’s Scissor Spiders are beautiful creations. How about making Shuriken Spiders for Spider-Man (Well Batman has Bat Shurikens)!

  2. Mon Sun

    wow these are cool!

  3. K

    It’s scary and cool at the same time! I wanna see Christopher make a scorpion out of scissors! :)

  4. Gert

    Very cool. I like them.

  5. Subarulol

    If i had a pet , or wanted to be a metal animal, i’d for sure be one of these malevolent critters :3

  6. Sharyn

    As much as I hate spiders – they are beautiful!

  7. Andrew

    so thats what happened to my scissors….

  8. kadal

    still deadly even those are sculptures.
    but beautifull and i want one

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