Elliptical Bicycle

Elliptical Bicycle

ElliptiGO delivers comfortable and fun workout experience that closely mimics outdoor running without the associated negative impact.

This bicycle was designed for fitness enthusiasts who enjoy the elliptical trainer motion, but do not want to be stuck in a gym. [order]

Elliptical Biking

Elliptical Bike

Elliptical Trainer Bike

ElliptiGO Elliptical Bicycle

Elliptical Trainer Bicycle


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  1. vĂ­qui carro


  2. Lamoa

    Soooo much better than the threadmill bike post.

  3. Julie

    That’s pretty amazing :)

  4. Chedie

    Oooooh! This could definitely burn a lot of carbs!

  5. Taylor

    Looks like fun!

  6. latincrow

    looks fun and dangerously fast

  7. Sarah

    this would be good for my joints….

  8. tyse

    you will be very tired if you travel a long way on this bike, There is no seat!!!

  9. uzma

    very nice… how could i have this bicycle..

  10. Arkwright

    An excellent and refined product.

    I’m seriously going to order one right now.

  11. Joas

    Ok, cool. It will sell well if its advertise well.

  12. bird

    That’s so stupid – get a regular bike or run with your feet

  13. Karin L.

    Small wheels can be dangerous and lead to a fall!!!

  14. Jim

    I’m with bird. what’s the point? just run!

  15. jess

    I guess if you really like running but have really bad keens this would be awesome. I feel like it would be a pain in the butt to get it started….ellipticals feel weird to get moving when they’re stationary I can’t imagine having to keep balance while doing that.

  16. CarlosGuerra

    All of this concepts are pretty cute but still dont see the point of them
    Run or go cycling why to invent something way more difficult and complecated?

  17. JK III

    Although its design is much better than the treadmill bike, the concept is equally absurd.

    Treadmill bike: http://www.toxel.com/tech/2010/03/16/treadmill-bike-concept/

  18. Betty

    I’d love to try one of these for several reasons: I like biking but honestly, the first thing to feel the “burn” are my “sit upons” Ouch!; I like running ok, but it’s kind of slow and hard on my knees. This contraption looks like a great alternative.

  19. bob

    I think the treadmill thing was better, at least it is clear that its stupid, this one takes 5 sec to realize that its stupid.

  20. Botelho

    Precisely the vertical motion, which uses the potential energy was reduced. They sacrificed aesthetics and physics in the name of what?

  21. Kalai

    I don’t think this is stupid.

    biking hurts my coccyx, and running hurts my knees. If this is able to get more people active, why is it stupid?

  22. Darryl

    “Negative impact” is very misleading and is the wrong phrase here. Running is a high-impact sport, but impact is what actually helps to build and maintain bone density, to help prevent diseases like osteoporosis. High-impact activities are no more “negative” than low-impact activities.

    That being said, if this machine gets people off their couch, I fully support it. For me, I’ll stick to my running shoes.

  23. Kirvi_Inci

    The hell with the lot of you! This thing just looks fun to ride!!

    I can already picture people doing tricks on them! lol

  24. CJ

    I was totally sold on this trainer, I love ellipticals, but hate gyms, the I found the price tag… $2,200!!! I’ll wait until someone else gets tired of it and pick one up used!

  25. Ed

    Ive seen these in Santa Barbara and around Los Angeles on bike paths… They are super fast and look like alot of fun… It may be sort of a novelty, but I would still love to own one…

  26. Ire

    So many of these comments are so damn ignorant that it’s incredible. How can anyone not know that for people with back and knee problems, running is not an option? That’s why someone was smart enough to invent the thing and why they’re selling, because they provide critically needed exercise without skeletal impact. Read a book.

    “Duh gee why don’t people jess do what dez been doin?? Dis ting is new, it can’t be good.”

  27. Erica

    I agree, Ire. Either some people are a bit too enarmored with running in general, or just ignorant to the fact that running can do harm to your joints. My college biology teacher is an older man, but very fit. He says used to run every morning, but eventually it caused issues. He switched to swimming & wished he had stopped running long ago if he knew how running would effect him.

    Using an ellipitical, rather by necessity or preference, does not apply stressful impact to your knees, feet, back, legs, etc. That’s why elliptical machines are so popular. But if we were getting bored staring at the walls while working out indoors, with this invention, we now have the option of getting outdoors! I’m actually really excited. I didn’t know these existed until I saw a guy peddle by on one today. It doesn’t look dumb, it looks awesome. And smart.

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