Unusual and Creative Toilet Seats

Unusual and Creative Toilet Seats

Creative and unusual toilet seat designs that will spice up any bathroom.

Toilet Seats for Musicians

Jammin’s Johns toilet seats combine the comfort of a finely crafted bathroom accoutrement with the legendary looks of your favorite guitar or piano.

Toilet Seats for Musicians

Toilet Seats for Musicians 2

Toilet Seats for Musicians 3

Toilet Seats for Musicians 4

Tabbed Toilet Seat

Toilet Pages by Jan Ctvrtnik allows everyone in your household to have their own personal toilet seat.

Tabbed Toilet Seat

Thermochromic Toilet Seat

Being able to identify a public toilet seat that has just been sat upon is of particular concern to a significant number of the population. This seat retains the heat memory of a previous user and displays it as a visual marker for the next user to assess.

Thermochromic Toilet Seat

Toilet Seat Scale

The best time to weigh yourself is first thing in the morning before you eat and, preferably, after you have used the bathroom. That’s where the toilet seat scale comes in.

Toilet Seat Scale

Pressalit Toilet Seats

Nobody said that a toilet seat has to be white.

Pressalit Toilet Seats

Pressalit Toilet Seats 2

Pressalit Toilet Seats 3

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  1. Realizzazione Siti Web Bologna

    WOW! Brillant Collection! I Love the Tabbed Toilet Seat!!

  2. nanimo

    tabbed toilet seat :D it’s smth like – ‘monday, tuesday, wednesday… holiday’ :)))

  3. mosche

    LOL I love it :D

  4. Le Hoa

    The toilet seat scale ‘s great haha

  5. amanhem

    o la la,
    i love toilet seat scale ha ha :)

  6. gary

    Hilarious, I want them all. Still doesn’t solve the problem of the ‘leaving the seat up male syndrome’

  7. gary

    creative toilets, neat. Let’s face it, it’s where we all ‘go’ for the creative process.

  8. JK

    Funny one. They all are so useless. I think the tabbed one is cool, but still, not much useful.

  9. Karl

    Gary: what about the equally pernicious leaving the toilet seat down women syndrome?

  10. Kirvi Inci

    I cannot remember what blog it was right off of the top of my head but the second to last photo is actually a concept photo. They are not real but were in fact made for some sort of campaign. They are funny though. :)

  11. tukang nggame

    really creative
    if my toilet like that, i wanna going there everytime

  12. suye

    really creative!!!
    want get one!!

  13. bebopdesigner

    Loved the guitar! I think there should be another computer in front of the toilet seat, so that you don’t lose your design momentum. :b

  14. Virtual Monk

    I like turtles!

  15. blogger

    nice stuff man, and funny too. :)

  16. Dana Smith

    You guys like the tabbed toilet seat? Have fun cleaning it. What are you, daft?

  17. mniya

    creative work !

  18. Charles

    A thoroughly enjoyable collection of truly unique toilet seats.

  19. Tiffany

    I am into the unique toilet seats too and wow you have some AMAZING ones. I think the guitar ones are my favorites.

  20. Tom

    I also write and report about unique toilet seats but your article is one of the most remarkable examples of top designer toilet seats I have ever seen.

    Jammin John’s toilet seats for musicians and the toilet seat scale had me smiling.

  21. Gene Caron

    I am looking for a toilet seat which has barbed wire embedded in the acrylic. Any ideas?
    Thanks, Gene

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