Napping Jacket by Loris Dadda

Napping Jacket by Loris Dadda

Transform your commute into a relaxing escape with cool sleeveless jacket that lets you catch quick, peaceful naps wherever you are.

Napow (Nap On The Way) jacket designed by Loris Dadda is crafted to provide optimal comfort and tranquility for power naps in transit.

In a world where time is precious and rest is often elusive, this innovative jacket offers a practical remedy.

Napping Jacket not only embraces you in a cocoon of coziness but also promotes healthy posture and shields you from external light.

Sleeping Vest is your secret weapon for stealthy power naps on the go!

Napow Jacket by Loris Dadda

Loris Dadda Napping Jacket

Napping Jacket

Napow by Loris Dadda

Nap Jacket by Loris Dadda

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