Toilet Beverage Holder

Toilet Beverage Holder

Innovative toilet paper holder attachment holds beer cans and wine glasses.

3D printed his and hers beverage holder designed for people who spend too much time on the toilet. [more info]

Toilet Paper Beverage Holder

Beer and Wine Toilet Paper Holder

Beer Wine Toilet Paper Holder

Beer and Wine Toilet Holder

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  1. Swiper Fox

    WTF???… Who wants to drink while using the throne?
    That’s very unsanitary and disgusting.

  2. Aokiharu

    This is disgusting


  3. John

    Maybe use it to hold a spray-bottle of cleanser instead? Something like that? (Which I think I’d appreciate a bit more… especially in a public restroom.)

  4. cindy

    Low class

  5. Gert


  6. Laura

    This makes a lot of sense for a bar or club, not the home, all you naysayers. For safety reasons, many people bring their drinks into stalls with them on a night out, and it would be really convenient to have a place to put one’s drink somewhere while doing one’s business. You say it’s gross, but it’s a lot more sanitary than on the stall floor.

  7. Chinodt

    Ewwww, thanks but no…

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