Invisible Shoes

Invisible Shoes

Transparent high heel shoes made out of clear plastic designed by ILANIO.

Invisible “Cinderella” shoes create optical illusion of floating above ground.

ILANIO Invisible Shoes

Clear Shoes

Cinderella Shoes



Transparent Shoes

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  1. Ciccio

    Change ur job Ilanio…

  2. Pearl Lambie

    These look like the most uncomfortable shoes ever, other than some of the fetish shoes I’ve seen. i think the designer is trying to say, “Eye look stupid!”

  3. Mandy

    Those look so painful for that girl. Also, shame on the designer for covering her face. Designers that do this to their models and treat them like this lose my respect. If you’re going to have a beautiful model show your designs, don’t show off her body and hide her face from the world. That’s just rude.

  4. eemke

    another way to torture woman

  5. Noni

    The designer is not showing off her body, he/she is showing off his shoes! In this case the model is a hanger, no more and no less (and she signed up for it).

    @Ciccio and Pearl
    Me too, I am not crazy about the shoes but they are meant to present a concept, not go to mass production!

    Overall, I think the concept is interesting and well presented!

  6. Mapache

    Why don’t people understand runaway fashion isn’t supoused to be wore outside the runway?

    This is gorgeous.

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