Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records

See what happens when old vinyl records are turned into creative works of art, the results are truly impressive…

Love is in the Air

Laser cut vinyl (gramophone) record silhouettes by Carlos Aires.

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 2

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 3

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 4

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 5

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 6

Vinyl Record Silhouettes by Sillyette

Hand cut silhouettes made from reclaimed vinyl records.

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 7

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 8

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 9

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 10

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 11

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 12

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 13

Silhouettes made from Vinyl Records 14

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  1. Mr.Retail

    this is cool

  2. Mia

    What a creative and artistic way to recycle old worn out records.. amazing!

  3. Louis

    I love how some of the record titles are matched, for example the ‘Let’s Go Disco’ cut into a disabled man’s silhouette. Very poignant.

  4. Anidem

    Nice, more “Art” for trucker mud flaps.

    All this is is the destruction of what might be valuable collector items, under the guise of art.

    If you want to be creative, learn the skill of painting, sculpture or music, ect. Not steal you parents record collection and take them to work to use on a CnC machine.

    Almost as moronic as that old show Monster Garage.

  5. Denis

    This is nice art!! Great creativity!

  6. Rachel

    Ok yeah it’s pretty cool, but how come all the women are cut into poses that are sexual. I guess maybe women just aren’t interesting unless they are sexy pfft whateva.

  7. Daniel Edlen

    I’m glad to see Sillyette connecting the album used with the silhouette subject. Neat.


  8. robb

    very cool indeed
    i’d like them all hanging in my wall

  9. mr_biz

    no one cares what you think and anyway, lets see you do something better, i don’t see you posting your work for the world to see now do I? keep your crappy opinion to yourself and go masturbate for the 20th time today in your parent’s bedroom

  10. megatron

    Obviously creativity is lost on you. All of the underlying “skills of painting, sculpture or music” are represented here. Don’t be a cyberass because you don’t have any taste.

    This is a great collection; eclectic in the designs but complete in the idea. I love it!

  11. Andrew

    Imaginative and creative, I like it.

  12. jelczurrr

    Murderer! xD

  13. arigold

    clearly shopped

  14. coolraul

    Never quite figured what to do with all those old records that are just sittin’ in the garage. That is until now!
    Great idea!!!!

  15. Carlos

    Pretty bitchin’.

  16. itsbrandnew

    Thats truelly AWESOME!!

  17. aaron

    Don’t listen to any of the jerks, it’s a good idea and they look great. congratulations and I hope you can find success in marketing them.

  18. soulfood

    personally, I think there’s something genuinely cool that happens here – a real art-spark. the vinyl adds something – maybe precisely because of our attachment to it, and to music as a whole.

  19. James

    Hopefully they are worn out or broken/scratched records. Or maybe re-pressings not worth anything.

    It’s like those car art sculptures, they taken write offs and scrap cars to make sculptures, not a 1960’s classic or a brand new ferrari.

  20. Jen

    All the people who flame these things crack me up. Have you ever thought that these people might want something to do with a record that’s old other than sitting it dusty on a shelf? They’re being appreciated this way, and the titles can still be seen so it’s not like people can’t “ooh” and “ahh” over the old discs of old bands/songs you used to have.

    These are pretty cool. “Creative” is seen all over these comments, but it’s a good word for good work.

    Another thing here that makes me laugh is the cliched “shopped” comment that you’ll find anywhere and everywhere.

  21. cassiana

    I’m torn, I love the artwork and creativity…but I really hope the records were ruined before they became a media. And to those of you who want to copy this idea if you have any Beatles/Stones/zeppelin records that you’re thinking about cutting into consider sending them to someone who would actually use them as the musical art they were meant to be (like me for instance), but of course if they are scratched or beyond musical use, create away!

  22. tracy

    I’d have to agree with cassiana above. It would be a shame if these were made from vinyls that were perfectly fine. But even so, I do have to applaud the artist for his creativity.

  23. Katie

    As someone who has worked in record stores for years, I can tell you that a lot of these albums are worth nothing. In fact, a lot of Goodwill stores won’t even accept stuff like Led Zepplin and Beatles because there are so many on the market, that unless they are a rare pressing, then it’s pretty much worthless, value wise.

    Don’t assume old=worth.

  24. word, katie

    These records were all found in the dollar bin. Cute stuff…

  25. JJ

    This is very cool and creative. Anidem is obviously not intellectual enough to understand the beauty and has to resort to bashing. If you have some better “painting, sculpture or music” of your own lets see it Mr. Critic. If you don’t like it, no one is forcing you to look at it. Internet trolls like you really grind my gears.

  26. Lex

    overtly sexual representations of women–my that IS creative and original!

  27. saltine

    this is awful and it breaks my heart

    say goodbye to the tangible age..

  28. SoG


  29. turnie

    “Laser cut vinyl (gramophone) record silhouettes by Carlos Aires”
    Grammophone records are made of Schellack, are very heavy, run at 78rpm and shatter when dropped.

  30. Tomical

    Really, silhouettes have been cut into anything. It’s an original idea to cut them out of vinyl records, but it isn’t that creative. I could cut silhouettes out of wood and turn them into clocks. Would that be original? Yes. Creative? No. Silhouettes are cliche.

    Artistically he’s not doing anything other than making a silhouette on a computer then having a laser trace it.

    The worst part is that you all jump and attack the one person with an opposing view. Anyone who doesn’t agree is a troll, right?

  31. lane

    I think this would even cooler if the original dust jacket was somehow incorporated.
    Also agreed on the sexual exploitation images though…that’s the modern age for you!

  32. V----

    oh my! an idea of art but if you have spare records just laying around do yourself and record collectors a favor sell them rather than destroy the records for the sake “art” PLEASE!

  33. sooz

    uhhh to all those that made the comment about overtly sexual poses? cinderella? the womans head and shoulders? not all were as you describe, I looked over the photos, including the ones that had many as opposed to one to a photo. not seeing a preponderence of the sexuality you mentioned. yall need to get a grip… I am thinking you are a bit over sensitive.

  34. zwenkwiel

    pretty funny
    but all you guys are acting like it’s the freaking mona lisa or something.
    and while I don entirely agree with anidem he certainly has a point there.

    give me some stock photo’s and a cnc machine and i’ll pump 20 of these babies out per hour.

    ow and to people like megatron saying stuff like
    “Don’t be a cyberass because you don’t have any taste.”

    just because some1 does not agree with you does not make him/her an ass
    your opinion isn’t holy (especially in your case)

  35. Ed

    quit whining about the sexual overtones. If they were naked men nobody would be complaining about exploitation of sex. They’re women, they’re recognizable as such, and yes, they’re sexy. They are not sexed up women. Most of them are not of women. Not all of the women are sexed up either. Am I the only one who saw the woman’s face, or Cinderella? So shut your whining feminist mouths. Just because a person makes a peice of art with a sexy woman does not make the artist a pig, or a chauvanist.

  36. Myles


  37. Evan

    I think they’re cool looking, obviously they aren’t meant to be complicated pieces, but there is beauty in making something so simple interesting. I think the whole concept of this is how many of you would actually think of doing this? As far as the sexuality goes, what does it matter? Don’t look or don’t buy them, and if a mere silhouette of someone bothers you how do you perceive a real nude person?

  38. fisharegood

    are you people drunk when you write these comments? I sure hope so. Many of you remind me of my feelings watching the Phantasm movies: the most horrifying thing about any of them was that they all seemed to feature the destruction of a hemi cuda. yeah, yeah, i know some of them were clones but if you’ve read enough comments to get to mine then you know what i’m getting at. It’s art. You didn’t do it. Women will always be exploited. The Devil is punishing you for not finding it first.

  39. Sarah

    Cool art but I think it is a waste to create these when one can play the vinyl – if they have the machine.

  40. Micah H Ward

    Modern Art = I could do that + Yeah, but you didn’t

    Creativity isn’t about the complexity of the craft. It’s about the idea behind the craft. And I’m sorry but if you own it, it’s yours to destroy. These are awesome and laser cutters are amazing!

  41. Fritz

    Laser cutting this material (PVC) will produce Chlorine Gas! Bad Bad Bad for you and your neighbors and will also void the warranty on your laser and corrode most of the metal on a 20,000 plus machine in short order

  42. jim w

    these are great! vinyl is such a great material for art…

  43. Seedy T

    you beat me to it. You dummies shouldn’t laser cut anything with vinyl in it.

    P.S.-I personally think that they should be MORE sexual if anything.

  44. ariane

    Great… i love the idea… I paint with stencils on vinyl, anbd I agree with you. good luck

  45. Jon

    I love the idea, though surely some of those must be expensive? or are they replicas? (which I’m assuming some of them must be)

  46. Suzanne

    Is the Mickey Mouse Disney record for sale?

  47. Mr. Cheap

    These are VERY cool. Do you do custom requests? I have some Beatles records that I think would make a great cut out. Very nice. Great art form!

  48. Cloe

    Ok, I think it’s cool, it looks awesome, and it’s a good conversation starter. Why is there always some controversy? If you like it, you like it. If you don’t, you don’t have to go bashing it. There is a way to state your opinion without being a pious asshole. If you say something negative or unexpected, don’t expect everyone to agree. Not that you are wrong or right, but it’s the way you go about it. No one is asking for an open debate. Jeez, they’re a cool thing, the records. Just see the good in it for god’s sake. Appreciate talent even if you think it isn’t. Someone put alot of thought into it, that’s all that matters.

  49. ramjam

    beautiful art. though the audiophile in me can’t help but think about all of the music that will no longer get to be played. Vinyl, for me, is always for playing….but it really does make some unique and cool looking art.

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