Glass Pool Table

Glass Pool Table

Modern pool table with beautiful clear glass base and transparent glass top.

Glass pool table designed by Elite Innovations gives the impression that balls are floating in the air. It will leave you and your friends speechless.

Glass Top Pool Table

Transparent Pool Table

X1 Everest Pool Table

Transparent Glass Pool Table

Clear Pool Table

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  1. erwin prasetyo

    very modern look a like, really like floating in the air… :)

  2. Swiper Fox

    When played, we BREAK the balls initial formation.
    Now… will the glass… BREAK???

  3. Gert

    The person who designed this is not a pool player. Glass is not a good surface for pool.

  4. Brandon

    If you all (@Swiper Fox / @Gert) actually clicked into the designers website and actually read and informed yourself before you judged you might actually have learned something. The company is an innovation company and made the glass shock proof with a finish that replicates the resistance of felt.

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