3D Chalk Drawings

3D Chalk Drawings

Mr. Hou is a talented Chinese artist famous for his memorable 3D drawings.

For his creative street art, internet fans have labeled him the “Chalk God”.

3D Chalk Drawing

3D Street Art

Chalk Drawings

Chalk Drawing

Street Art

Chalk Artist

Chalk Art

3D Chalk Art

3D Art

Check out art by Edgar Mueller and Julian Beever for more inspiration.

  1. Darrell

    Thats pretty friggin cool. (The ball is definitely the least impressive)

  2. Dan

    Wow, very nice!

  3. EugiKo

    Chinese can do everything)

  4. Pepsi

    Last one stood out the most for me.

  5. Cola

    I agree with Pepsi. Little guy on the fountain really made my head spin too!

  6. praveen

    Awesome art. . .Everything looks like transparent 3D

  7. DAN

    WELL DONE!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. simon

    that the beautiful thing i have ever seen

  9. rex

    i want to see that pics from other angles
    to know how hard they draw that

  10. NiSa ZuL

    awesome! love it!

  11. amu-ka

    Oh my god… it really looks like 3D! It’s totally amazing! One of my favourites on Toxel

  12. ran

    i always love the 3D art… and this one is also the great one, cool.

  13. arpit

    staircase is just unbelieveable

  14. Pete

    Yes, it does. Chinese can do anythings

  15. Cory

    Last one is definitely the best, but they are all so very cool

  16. Hassan

    This post really needs video!

  17. Art of Concept

    I agree with Cory!

  18. steven

    nooooo bru that has to be fotoshoped (or is it?????)

  19. rasict

    wow. it is unbelievable that the chinese guy can draw so well given his eyesight would be so poor :O

  20. Erin

    Fake, especially the last one.

  21. Crumpet

    5 and 6 from the top… Fan of Farmville?

  22. tri ari handoko

    really talented artist

  23. jassi

    kwel…especially the the last with numbers…

  24. Ayoally


  25. Arabian

    amazing optical illusion :O

  26. Erin

    Incredible! I love the last three!

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