Creative Street Art

Creative Street Art

Incredible street art created by talented French artist OaKoAk shows popular fictional characters integrated into the urban environment.

Bart Simpson, Pinocchio, Spider-Man, and other characters all interact with traffic lights, cracks in the walls, and random objects on the street.

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Bart Simpson Street Art

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OaKoAk Street Art

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Pinocchio Street Art


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Spider Man Street Art

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  1. Elphi

    This is absolutely amazing! I love the way they interact with the environment. Very creative!! I want to try this sometime!

  2. henry


  3. Betty

    Clever! I love this!

  4. Navjot Singh

    very creative dude

  5. Art of Concept

    Some are truly funny! Terrific creative art! Awesome concepts, nicely done!

  6. Nisa Zul


  7. Paulo

    Calvin and Hobbes rules!

  8. Darrell


  9. MMM

    Just great! I would love to see these all over my town.

  10. Amy

    The Calvin and Hobbes one is the only one I really like…

  11. Atavistica

    Some crackin’ work there.

  12. Josh

    I love these! So much geniousness!

  13. bananaman

    He was very creative with all of the designs, I love it. Also, did someone murder Waldo?

  14. tt

    there should be more of this.

  15. Bryant Yee

    Ann Arbor needs this!

  16. ma chappel

    This makes me feel so old and see my kids in a whole new light.

  17. thundrull

    really cool stuff. more people need to get invovled with this type of art everywhere cause anyone can do it and it’s creative.

  18. Chekira

    i’m so amazed by these.

  19. julianne

    Awesome… :D

  20. Emily

    Its quite creative, in fact am so amazed at the drawings and even rare to find this in our streets.

  21. Janine

    I love the choice of characters, very fitting to the environment. Simple yet playful.

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