12 Unusual and Creative Backpacks

12 Unusual and Creative Backpacks

Creative backpacks and unusual backpack designs from all over the world.

Vacuum Backpack

Ergonomic backpack vacuum moves with you so you don’t have to drag a heavy upright vacuum around the house.

Vacuum Backpack

Guitar Backpack

Perfect for music lovers, the Pratesi Guitar Backpack is a cool guitar-shaped bag, made of vegetable-dyed calf leather.

Guitar Backpack

Chewbacca Backpack

Now you can walk around with a Wookiee strapped to your back.

Chewbacca Backpack

Boombox Backpack

Reppo II is a hardshell boombox backpack with integrated speakers and high quality digital amplifier. [more]

Boombox Backpack

Cycle Backpack

Bike saddle that can be carried as a backpack. Is designed in a way that while in “bike mode” only a small part of the bag is used and the rest still functions as a regular backpack.

Cycle Backpack

Gremlins Backpack

Take Gizmo with you everywhere you go. The straps will adjust to fit most adults.

Gremlins Backpack

Yoda Backpack

Yoda…on your back…teaching you…and carrying your stuff inside him. Perfect for any Star Wars fan!

Jedi Master Backpack

Yoda Backpack

Darth Vader Backpack

Have the power of the dark side behind you at all times, so nobody will dare mess with you!

Darth Vader Backpack

Pet at Work Backpack

Ingenious solution for those of you who enjoy taking your pet with you to work, traveling or visiting friends and family.

Pet at Work Backpack

Slim Laptop Backpack

Made from lightweight neoprene and breathable air mesh, this ultra-slim backpack streamlines the transport of your laptop and accessories.

Slim Laptop Backpack

R2-D2 Backpack

Creative plush R2-D2 backpack is the droid you’re looking for!

R2-D2 Backpack

Dragon Backpack

Bob Basset from Ukraine has designed a cool looking dragon backpack, made out of leather. [more]

Dragon Backpack

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  1. itsbrandnew

    love the last one!

  2. Karin L. Stewart

    Some are really cute. Some are very functional and most are just fun!

  3. atlanticslamon

    why is their no C3P0 backpack? isn’t it the MOST obvious choice?

  4. niol

    the starwars bagpack is cool.

  5. tech-mad

    would so totally use the guitar-shaped one!

  6. kelven cheah

    love the slim Laptop Backpack///

  7. Gus Snarp

    Yes, you too can get your ass beat by the cool kids, just wear one of these Star Wars backpacks. Or better yet, the dragon.

  8. Jon

    Doesn’t look like the dragon backpack can hold anything…

  9. Karen

    lol, at my school, if you wore one, you would be a cool kid. as long as you dont look like a geek, you can get any backpack you want… like if you had the dragon one, i’d probably get stolen.

  10. psychodork

    That dragon one is so cool! And badass.

  11. farzaneh

    i love Dragon Backpack

  12. paintbot

    i would love the dragon backpack. i wouldnt wear it to school, tho, beacsue im a girl and people would be like wtf look at her lol lol lol. you know what i mean?

  13. rick

    check out this Mad Max Back Pack

  14. The Guy

    most of these are starwars…i like the dragon too its sweeet

  15. Jerry del Pozo

    luigi’s mansion??

  16. Anthony Proulx

    The dragon one is sickkkkk!

  17. hammad minhas

    last one is really dashing….i wish that i could have the Dragon bag…

  18. alay

    I think they are all creative but it tends to be the ones who think they are creating such an innovative product which turn out to be the least practical.

    like the laptop backpack, first off it’s not attractive first thought was wonder if it can stop a bullet cause it looks like a bullet proof vest and 2nd off I know during my day I sit in a lot of places i sit on the bus and so on and I wouldn’t want my laptop to take that kind of impact every day, of course it can be taken off but it would be a hastle

  19. Steve

    The one with built in speakers would be a bloody nightmare. We’d be overrun with idiots who mistakenly believe that everyone wants to hear whatever crap music they’re into at the moment.

  20. Rose

    Correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure I remember the gremilins bag back in the 80’s when I was a kid. I’ve seen it before.

  21. andrew ahn

    dang i wish i could have the yoda backpack.do they sell these?

  22. Manish Ahuja

    Awesome designs. Love most of them :) Too cool

  23. rishabh jain

    i like the slim laptop bag., its cool.

  24. veronica mart

    I bet all the kids at school would be jealous of my badass vacuum backpack

  25. J

    OMG! my friend has that Yoda backpack.. that’s just so amazing.. they made it really good.. >.<

  26. dahlia

    From what it look like, the laptop backpack is great, until you try to bend your upper back. Other than that, it’s awesome. The dragon backpack is the most amazing, as it must have taken so much work and time to make. Love It!

  27. trolololol

    i cant exactly imagine having one of these backpacks while simultaneously having a social life…

  28. mariani

    ooohh…i loooooove that dragon backpack!!!

  29. StarwarsFan

    The yoda one is cool, although the model seems to be in a deciduous forest, not a dagobah swamp, and the chewbacca one is FURRY, and the model is holding a gun, which is not a bowcaster, chewie’s weapon

  30. flora


  31. Shay

    For those people who think you’d get “beaten up” at school for those… everyone is a hipster now. It’s actually socially acceptable to wear unique things. Sadly, you’re probably too old to realize this change.

  32. Ashe

    Vacuum Backpack: GHOSTBUSTERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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