Boombox Backpack by Joonas Saaranen

Boombox Backpack

Designed by Joonas Saaranen, Reppo II is a hardshell boombox backpack with integrated speakers and high quality digital amplifier.

Just plug in any audio source, strap the whole thing on your back and share your favorite tunes with your friends on the go.

Reppo II Boombox Backpack by Joonas Saaranen 2

Reppo II Boombox Backpack by Joonas Saaranen 3

Reppo II Boombox Backpack by Joonas Saaranen 4

Reppo II Boombox Backpack by Joonas Saaranen

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  1. Boarder

    Oh, i like it , for snowboarding it is cool!

  2. another Boarder

    Yea, exactly what i thought!! Awesome thing.
    Is it alrdy on the market or just a concept?

  3. Mike

    Yeah, because there aren’t enough avalanches already.

  4. LumberJackJibber

    Actually, Mike there is a large misconception about sound causing avalanches-it does not.

    Don’t believe me, read on:

  5. Chris

    Straight up, where can i buy one?

  6. a very interested wana-be customer

    where (if possible) could i buy these?

  7. i want one 420

    yo how do i get this bag i want one like really bad yo it dope!!!!!!

  8. Robin the Raver

    WOW where can i buy it? any dealers in Sweden???

  9. Phil

    I want one too, where and how much?! i cant find anywhere on google.

  10. Anthony Proulx

    This is a sick ass bag. Seriously I want it, I fire perform and we are always at a lack on tunage!

  11. DOM

    DANG! fist of all… for snowboarding.. yeah its freaking amazing! and can i buy 1?

  12. Saleh Sami

    Please let me know, where can I buy ? I am living in Jakarta- Indonesia, any dealer in Indonesia ? or Singapore ?

  13. thenjun

    pls let me knw where can buy this bag? Is there any dealer in malaysia? im sure this will be a hit in malaysia

  14. Tristan

    Hey where can you buy these? I need 10! I live in Australia though but want to order them and get them shipped if i need to.

  15. najhan

    how can i buy this backpack…???
    i am from malaysia…

  16. RyAn

    this is so sick! i need one, is there any or where i can get one? best idea for a backpack

  17. qusai

    i like it so much, can u tell me where can i get one?

  18. Tevin

    bro awsome were can i get one at. im dieing for a speaker backpack with very good quality.

  19. Sol

    were can get one and how much im in Australia really want ay so amazing

  20. Mkop

    i may be a chick but this this is BEAST! i need one

  21. ermon

    Where can I purchase one?

  22. Ana Clara

    Where can I purchase one?

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