Teddy Bear Jacket

Cute Teddy Bear Jacket

Designed by Sebastian Errazuriz, this extremely creative Teddy Bear jacket will keep you warm and get you noticed.

Cute Teddy Bear Coat

Cool Teddy Bear Jacket

Teddy Bear Coat

Teddy Bear Jacket

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  1. Reilly

    Ugly… and a little disturbing.

  2. Megan

    Totally awesome, now Teddy bears can travel with you everywhere you go!

  3. Blaine


  4. s

    ugly“`a little horror

  5. FekketCantenel

    If Cruella DeVille had seen bear cubs instead of Dalmation puppies . . .

  6. Beck

    One teddy bear: Cute
    Two teddy bears: Aww
    A whole conglomerate of teddy bears attached to you: Disturbingly creepy

  7. malkieve

    How is this cute. Ugly, and so not adorable <.<

  8. mostafa

    just a good idea for halloween costumes. actually not cool!

  9. Peter Ong

    creepy and disturbing…

  10. tech-mad

    my heart actually skipped in fear when the page loaded. ugh..

  11. Hillie

    This is al low. He makes beatiful pieces you should visit his website. Genius:-)

  12. Mcl

    creepy … but the model is nice :))

  13. Rom

    I`d cuddle with her for SURE!!! She`d have to take the jacket off first though. I`m not ready for a real-life teddy bear montage that gets worn.

  14. Jim Belfiore

    Well, now I know what might have become of all of H.R. Giger’s teddy bears.

  15. Karin Stewart

    I don’t understand the “creepy” comments. Perhaps I’m too much of a designer. It’s FUN PEOPLE! Looking especially good on someone slim! I love it! Will take it!

  16. Coralshine

    Creepy, honestly. I don’t know how else to see it. It looks like you took a bunch of teddy bears, melted them down partially, and then fused them together.

  17. Graydian

    this is creepy, and looks like that stuff you see in acharity shop, the stuff that some wierd lonely old lady has made to talk to. hideous, fugly, whatever. I DO NOT WANT!!!

  18. unDave

    Excuse Mr/s designer, but designer clothes is for certainly some ppl, not for everyone OR anyone, and i don’t think is creepe or cute, i simply say, it’s stupid.

    And WTF with the model anyway?

    -by unDave™



  20. Jen | UPrinting

    Okay, I’m not about to criticize anyone’s tastes here – I’m just going to say this kind of, er, haute couture is not for me. *embarrassed laugh*

    Well I know a few people who still love stuffed toys even though they’re already very respectable, full-fledged adults, so I’ll let them know about this, they might like it and help me look at it from their perspective. I guess it’s just the model threatening to bare nothing underneath that bear jacket that disturbed me.

    It’s definitely creative though!

  21. Karen

    veeeery odd.

  22. MochiPu

    gosh…it really are creative, but i think it will be very disturbing when you wear it outside the house…
    i love the bears though, so cute~ :p

  23. Lianne

    Looks like something Lady Gaga would wear, thought it is cuter and less freaky than her frog number.

  24. cat

    didnt we see pigs and frogs already…now teddy bears?!! stop copying

  25. cavinggirl

    The Prevention of Cruelty to Teddy Bear people are gonna be after her. This might work on a 3 year old…with smaller bears.

  26. Reilly

    Lady GaGa has one.

  27. Lintu

    how many teddies were killed for that? :D

  28. E T

    Yaya! I can leave a comment! Which is good because I am a number one fan of this visionary piece of FUN ART!! My girlhood dreams come true! Am ready to battle in combat with the searing Jack Frost with this jacket ^-^

  29. Betty

    My daughter would love this! Very cool!
    What wrong with you people–where is your sense of humor and fun?!

  30. Angel

    Erm I Would Wear It At Home But Definetly Not In The Public

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